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Here at InternaPure we take your health very seriously, and because of that we only offer top of the line supplements and products to help you achieve and maintain your best level of health.
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InternaPure Holistic Health Center
2440 Sandy Plains Road
Building 2, Suite 101
Marietta, GA  30066
Phone: (770) 971-9512
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From Our Family To Yours

InternaPure is a family owned and family run facility.  Our facility has been in the Marietta area for over 5 years. We understand that your health is your most precious possession and we strive to have our facility meet your quality of life goals.  

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Why Choose Internapure

Why Choose InternaPure

About Lori

Why We Do What We Do

People every day come into our center asking what our health regimens are and how we have gotten to this place in our health journey.  We have written this section just for those who want to connect with us through our own personal experience.  

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Our Story


We <3 Our Clients!

We love and appreciate our clients and each month we offer specials on the products and services that we carry in our Center.  This is one way that our family can give back to yours. Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep on top of all of our offerings.  Click HERE to read more!

Current Specials

Atlanta’s Colon Health Specialist Weighs In On Nutrition and Colon Hydrotherapy

Let’s be honest about it:  No one person has all of the answers when it comes to your body’s health and wellness.  Usually we only look to supplements and diet or nutrition when we talk about getting healthy or loosing weight, but I believe that in doing this we overlook a very important point.  Your diet is only as good as the food that you can assimilate and then ELIMINATE.!  You can eat all of the best foods in the world but if you can’t get rid of all of the dead cells, tissues, toxic waste and dead proteins that accumulate in the body then you are going to experience a degeneration in your health.  

If the sewage system of the body (the eliminative organs like the colon) is clogged up with a collection of toxins, mucus and cellular waste then the very BEST of diets can be no better than the very WORST!  

I believe that when we begin talking about health that we cannot possibly take in the whole picture without first addressing the body’s elimination - getting rid of all the toxic waste from all parts of the body.  The colon is the sewage system of the body and it needs to be cleansed regularly.  InternaPure is a great partner in health and provides you a safe environment to assist your body’s natural hygeine.

Colon Hydrotherapy: The Nutritional Angle

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We have always loved the gentle and effective delivery of correction and healing that energy medicine provides to the body.  We are excited to be partnering with Aura Exploration to bring you the newest in patch research.  Information on these latest products will be coming soon!

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