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Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep BioEssence Blend

Promotes deep restful and restorative sleep, calms body-field, quiets mental chatter, helps body/mind assimilate and process daily life during sleep.


21 Proprietary Imprinted frequencies in varying potencies including:  Polarity & Body Field Balance, Mental Chill, Liberator, Peace Night, Circadian, EMF Healing, Love and Night Balance BioInformation, Hyacinth, Elm, Oak, Harmony Frequecies, Peace Cycle & Grief Processing BioEssence Blends.


Organ & Body System Mapping 

  • Broadly maps to the Nervous, Respiratory and Skeletal Systems.

Energetic Links: 

  • Works to heal the body field and smooth and calm the etheric layers.  Aids in helping the brain and body field to process as well as assimilate the experiences that were had during the day.

Application Suggestions


  • Will cause drowsiness.  Do not take while operating machinery or any activity that requires mental or physical awareness.

Groups well with:

Muscle Relaxx, All BioEssence Blends.






Detox Program for general toxin release, balance and energize organ systems, conditioned parasite cleanse, harmonize cell communication and elimination.


21 Custom Imprinted Frequencies in varying potencies including:  Citrine, Amazonite and Carnelian Gem Essence, Dandelion, Hyacinth and Crab Apple Flower Essence, Organ Cleanse, Comfort/Pain Tens, Brain/Liver Detox, Longevity, Recovery and Parasite-Free Frequency, Polarity, EMF Detox, Energy Align, Muscle and Heart Field Detoxification and Balance, Source, Toxin Metabolizer and Cellular Driver BioInformation.


Organ and Body System Mapping

  • Broadly maps to Vascular, Excretory, Endocrine Lymphatic, Renal and Respiratory Systems, Salivary Glands, Tongue, Small and Large Intestine, Liver, Gallbladder, Mesentery, Spleen, Kidney's, Ureters, Middle Ear, Ossicles, Mammary Glands, Subcutaneous Tissues, Bronchi, Prostate, Enteric Nervous System, Ciliary Body, Pineal and Pituitary Gland, Pancreas.

Energetic Links:

  • Cohesion throughout the energy body, communication and high function restoration throughout the base layers of the energy field, encouraging the switch from a field of absorption and holding to one of elimination and release, upper body Nadi flow clearing.

Application Suggestions:

  • By mouth mixed in water one to three times per day, or as desired.

Groups well with:

  • Matrix Pathing, Body Field Therapy, Grief Processing, Copal Resin Gem Essence.



Quantum Manifesting

Forms clear vision and promotes intuitive aligned action toward reaching our goals and dreams, goal oriented enthusiam, problem sorting and personal will.


12 Custom Imprinted Frequencies in Varying Potencies including:  Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Sugilite and Amazonite Gem Essences, Clematis, Vervain, Larch and Impatiens Flower Essences, Longevity Field Frequency, Spiritual Bliss, Personal Transformation and Unity BioInformation.


Organ & Body System Mapping:

  • Broadly maps to the Nervous and Respiratory System.  This blend also maps out as support to Pharynx, Ileum, Larynx, Nasal Cavity, Diaphragm Relaxation, Cerebrum, Midbrain, Cerebellum, Spine Nerves, Ganglia and Cerebral Hemispheres.

Energetic Links:

  • Blend ministers to and opens balanced flow around all energy centers.  For most people blend will focus on supporting body field movement around head and heart, which is fabulous for collapsed fields or stagnant energy patterns in these areas.

Application Suggestions:

  • By mouth mixed in water, spray through body field, apply to feet, forehead and heart center, add to humidifier, ionizer or diffuser.  Can also yield powerful results when taken as an intensive protocol.

Groups well with:

Supercharged Day, Expansion Pulse, Dragon Stone Gem Essence, Aragonite Star Gem Essence, Dioptase Mineral Essence.



Radiant Love

Radiant Love

Self-Love and Acceptance, Heart Healing, Gain Deeper & Unconditional Perspective of Self, Others & Divine Love.


22 Custom Imprinted Frequencies in Varying Potencies including:  Hosta, Pine, Holly & Daylily Flower Essences, Topaz, Smokey Quartz, Moonstone, Malachite, Feldspar, Bloodstone, Aqua Aura & Amazonite Gem Essences, Redwood & Energy Imprint BioEssence, Love, Peace, Polarity, Field Aligner & Emotional Stress Release BioInformation.


Organ & Body System Mapping

  • Broadly maps to the Integumentary & Reproductive Systems as well as inner and outter eye, joint tissue, teeth, microtubules, lymphatic vessel, bronchi, heart, arteries, spinalcord, midbrain, pons, medulla oblongata.

Energetic Links:

  • This blend does much of the work in opening the heart center but actually supports the crown & 3rd eye energy centers just as much.  Clears energy cording or rewiring caused by internal dialogue, worldview or trauma interpretation/ pattering.  Supports the smooth flow of informational vibration through the etheric layers there allowing a calm assessment of the stimuli of the physical & emotional world around us.


  • Apply to the heart center, inner wrists, over liver or throat.  Take by mouth in water one to three times per day.  Can be taken as an Intensive therapy when in stress situations.

Groups well with

  • All BioEssences Blends

Note from Mrs. Lori:

The BioEssence Blend Radiant Love is like stepping out into the bright warm sun after sitting in a dark windowless freezing cold room and feeling chilled right down to the bone for a long period of time, never knowing when or if relief from the cold would come.

As you step out, you first see the light with your eyes. It’s so bright that you might even have to squint for a minute. Let your eyes adjust and the new sight take hold. Then you feel that same life giving light beaming down on your skin, warming it, speaking words of comfort and relief after the cold chills that had become your norm. Then after standing in the glow of the sun for some time your eyes have adjusted, your skin begins to feel toasty, and now you are warming all the way to the core of your being. You feel that you can take a seat on the beautiful green grass. Feel the breeze. Look around at the life blooming and blossoming as far as the eye can see, and in fact you realize that you are even aware of and feel connected to life beyond what your eye can see right at this moment. Smell that fresh, clean, life giving air. You breathe deeply and feel such a deep appreciation for having the opportunity to sit in the warm sun, observe the world around you with joy and awareness and breathe in health and contentment with the soft breeze.

All is well. All is well.

Radiant Love has been created to be a catalyst for you which starts a vortex from within and then radiates outward. This vortex of energy and vibration, of healing and connection, of personal power and emotional wellbeing, of connection to ourselves and others through the human experience is present and grows brighter and stronger as we interact with God, ourselves, and others daily. It solidifies and invites the receiving and processing of self-love, divine love and love of others within and without.

Radiant Love BioEssence Blend is the spark of a journey of peeling back the layers. A process of becoming Radiant Love personified.

While the blend itself has many notes, layers and complexities and is created, by necessity, to be a stimulus for a unique journey whereby each individual ends up experiencing the same Radiant Love vibration. Here are some of the common experiences that you can expect to see with this blend:

• Deepening Self Love
• Balanced Sense of Personal Power
• Self-Acceptance
• More Open and Receptive Heart
• Personal Identity Equally Seated In The Heart and the Mind
• Emotional Wellbeing
• Feeling Nurtured
• Receiving and Offering Unconditional Love (toward both yourself and others)
• Seeing Self and Others From a Spiritual Perspective
• Unconscious Awareness of Being United With Others in Divine Love
• Deepening Discernment in both Earthly and Heavenly/Spiritual Realms
• Increase of Positive and Uplifting Thoughts
• Stable Integration of New Habits and Patterns

The Radiant Love BioEssence Blend is an extremely powerful transformation tool and I am proud to have been chosen as the vessel to bring it forward. The entire process is a distinctly divine experience for me and one in which I feel excitement and even elation at not only what has been brought forth but for the people who will be drawn to have the experience and the healing that the Radiant Love BioEssence Blend has to offer them.


This is by far one of the more robust blends that I have produced. Here is a list of the ingredients:


Holly, Pine, Hosta & Daylily Flower Essences, Amazonite, Aqua Aura, Bloodstone, Feldspar, Malachite, Moonstone, Quartz (Smokey) & Topaz Gem Essences, Hyperion Redwood Tree BioEssence, Body-Field Alignment, Polarity, Personal Transformation, Unity & Emotional Stress Response BioInformation Frequencies, Energy System & Nadi Flow Matrix Imprinter, and Spiritual Bliss Blessed Flower Essence



All ingredients were chosen not for what each ingredient can do or is known for doing on its own but for how the vibrations of each ingredient transform and work together when mixed in a blend, specifically this blend. As I was building the blend it was a beautiful experience to be able to literally see each frequency come together with the ones before it and observe their dance.

I do want to share a few personal notes about a couple of the Ingredients, Frequencies, and Essences that came together to form the Radiant Love BioEssence Blend:

Redwood Tree Essence is an instrumental vibrational stabilizer for helping you to see yourself and others from not only a more grounded physical perspective but also from a higher (and therefore more loving) spiritual perspective.

Energy System & Nadi Flow Matrix Imprinter was one of the foundational pieces that was given to me during the creation process that serves as a cornerstone for a stable and permanent integration of the mind and heart changes that come through. I was continually surprised how as I added ingredients this Imprinter seemed to expand and just grow stronger to support everything being built above it. It is hard to explain but it kept moving itself down below the other ingredients, lifting them up and giving them the support so that they could have the freedom to be powerful in the higher vibrational realms. It was so cool to watch this happening.

The Holly Flower Essence was not picked specifically for its traditionally taught uses, but I have to say I could not have mentally chosen a better flower essence to be a part of this blend than Holly. It is known as “The Heart Healer” and definitely holds notes that resonate and point to uniting people in “divine love”. I am so happy that Holly decided to join in on the Radiant Love family.

Pine Flower Essence is another essence that popped in unsurprisingly as it is traditionally known to deepen self love and help to stabilize connections between ourselves and others.

Amazonite Gem Essence forms a gorgeous arching reverberation with the Topaz, as these two ingredients were brought in together. Both are powerful in holding space and making it safe to open your heart. They also are pivotal in the stabilization of the new patterns that you will be experiencing. I am not a big fan of taking supplements only to have the great benefits that you are experiencing stop as soon as you stop taking whatever it is. Many times this is because the Body Field lacks the ability to retain or maintain the changes or the integration is unstable. What I am a big fan of is having the Amazonite/Topaz duo address the stable integration and the Big-Field Alignment and Polarity BioInformation address the Fields ability to retain the changes that are being made. Just those 4 ingredients make me see that for most people the new thought, emotion and energetic patterns will be deep seated and permanent for most people. And that is a very good thing!

Smoky Quartz Gem Essence is another one that does not surprise me at showing up to the party. It is traditionally known to “dispel negative thought forms” and is really great at transforming low vibrational emotions.

Moonstone Gem Essence is such a beautiful vibration. It is so soft but yet such a bright light and can take a hard line if needed. Moonstone is known to be a bringer of emotional wellbeing, for creating a feeling of being nurtured and cared for and for helping people experience a sense of unconditional love. And obviously it is a great one for helping to open your heart!

The Hosta and Daylily Flower Essences were brought in by the Feldspar Gem Essence. Those 3 ingredients weave together and energetically each gives up their respective identity and becomes a true powerhouse for increased self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. When I look at these energetic strands there are wisps of energy that float around the main thread that resonate to joy, happiness, calmness and a relaxed outlook.

Aqua Aura Gem Essence is so powerful for helping to clear and strengthen the etheric body fields. It clears each layer so that when energetic stimulus comes at us through our environment or people or thought forms that are heavy around us we are able to move through them without having to experience triggering emotions from residue left over from previous traumas and patterns in our own body field. I love this one so much!

Bloodstone Gem Essence comes into play for me many times when I am making Custom Blends and I want to help someone not only connect with themselves and others in a deeper and heart felt way but need to feel safe, secure and supported throughout the process. Bloodstone is so strong in supporting the clearing of not only personal (in this life) patterns but generational patterns that cause us to experience shallow connections with ourselves and others. Sometimes we aren’t even aware that our connections are shallow, because they do feel deep and emotional. But Bloodstone can help to take away the masks that we hide behind and help us to feel safe while doing so. When the masks are gone the connections that we experience run so much deeper….blood deep  ….and we experience Radiant Love with ourselves, the world around us and with God.

I saved the best for last….at least in this blend. In almost all instances the Malachite Gem Essence plays a supportive role and not a lead role, but that is just not true in respect to the ingredients that have come to play together. In the Radiant Love BioEssence Blend the Malachite is absolutely the Crown Jewel, the cherry on top. This gorgeous gem frequency is responsible for the carrier wave that I am going to call the WAYMAKER for this blend. Vibrationally Malachite is great for balancing personal power as well as opening the heart and supporting a balanced view of personal identity. And while it does make sense for it to fit in this blend for those reasons it does retain those parts of its personality but it takes on an entirely different role. There is no other way for me to describe it but the word that came to my heart when I added it and that was Waymaker. This frequency is the one that ties it all together. It will make the way. Amazing. Beautiful.

I pray that this Blend is a blessing to you and that years from now you look back and are able to recognize that you took a different fork in the road of your life journey and it was the best decision that you ever made. I love you all deeply, and I know that to all who have put forth the Asking and decide to partake of my Answer you will feel the depth of my love for you.

Let me know of your experiences!! I love hearing from you <3

RECOMMENDED PROTOCOL: Put 5 to 10 drops under the tongue and hold for 15 seconds three to four times per day. Or you may also put 5 to 10 drops in a glass of water and drink three to four times per day. Best results are experienced when the blend is taken consistently and kept at high levels in the body, especially for the first couple of days. Take the Radiant Love BioEssence Blend with the intention to be open and to be ready to experience a state of realness with yourself and with the world and people around you. Let the blend create and hold the space for you while you do the work to observe, notice and intentionally remain in the new patterns that this experience will create for you. For best results take without interruption for 4 to 6 weeks.

I recommend that this blend be taken while observing the practice of Energy Center Smiling each day or even multiple times per day. They work wildly amazing together!!



Grief Processing

Process feelings of Grief & Sorrow due to traumatic events or loss of loved one, stabilize emotional body.  


18 Custom Imprinted Frequencies in Varying Potencies Including:  Daylily, Hosta & Delosperma Flower Essences, Obsidian, Rose Quartz & Amazonite Gem Essences, Bodhi & Redwood Tree Essences, Polarity, Body Field, Mental Rest, Personal Transformation & Heart Imprinter BioInformation, Anxiety, Grief & Fatigue Frequency Imprints, Radiant Love & Chakra/ Nadi Imprint BioEssence.


Organ and Body System Mapping:

  • Broadly maps out the Digestive & Vascular Body Systems.  Blood, heart, arteries and veins.  Also all major body organs.

Energetic Links:

  • Powerful energetic remedy for the organs of the body when they hold or become 'sticky' with vibration/ emotions, allows energies that are being held in the body to actually be processed and released instead of just suppressed.  Solar plexus repair and stabilization.  Balances the energy flow between both sides of the body and encourges full reset in cases where the flow is distorted or choppy.

Application Suggestions:

  • Take by mouth in water as desired, place in diffuser or ionizer in room, spray over body field or apply over solar plexus, liver and heart center.

Group well with:

Detoxification-1, Aragonite Star Gem Essence, Rose Quartz Gem Essence, Emotional First Aid, Peace-Cycle, Body Field Therapy, Matrix Pathing.




Peace-Cycle BioEssence Blend Interrupts Life Patterns & Templates that attract Drama, Conflict & Upheaval Adding to Inner Suffering & Self Defeating Behaviors.  Peace-Cycle is also a Strong Support in Healing the Inner Child.


30 Custom Imprinted Frequencies in Varying Potencies Including:  Frequencies from- Agrimony, Hyacinth, Holly & Williow Blessed Flower Essences, Quartz and Smoky Quartz, Citrine, Malachite, Jasper (white, brown, yellow and red) & Lapis Lazull Gem Essences, Peace, Love, Anger-Relief, Condemnation-Release, Forgiveness, Self-Esteem Booster, Anxiety Release, Spirit Frequency Imprint, Lady Liberty, Grief/ Sorrow Processing, Manifesting, Radiant Love BioEssences.


Organ & Body System Mapping:

  • Broadly maps to the Circulatory, Digestive & Reproductive Systems.

Energetic Links:

  • Balances the flow both through and around the main energy centers which results in increased personal clarity and a much desired connection to inner self.  Facilitates powerful heart healing energetics, as well as the integration of new perspectives of ourselves and others when previously we may have been unable to sustain holding ideals or emotional states that we have desired.  Helps us to release the cords of habit that keeps us repeating the same destructive thinking and acting patterns.

Application Suggestions:

  • Take by mouth in water as needed, apply over wrists and under ear pulse points, add to diffusers or ionizers.

Groups well with:

Unakite Gem Essence, Emotional First-Aid, Grief Processing, Desert Rose Gem Essence, Radiant Love, Copal Resin Essence, Dragon Stone Gem Essence, Matrix Pathing.


Note from Mrs. Lori


This powerful Remedy was created specifically for people who are stuck in a pattern of acting and re-enacting the pain and trauma of life patterns that are both of their own and those that are generational or dimensional in nature.

Anytime you go through a season or continuously seem to be stuck and unable to move forward or are experiencing a large number of high drama incidents in your life it is a really good idea to look at why.

Why is this happening over and over?  (a hint: although we almost always have an inner story about why it is someone else’s fault we ALWAYS have a personal trigger point to the things that are happeing to and around us when we seem to be a magnet to drama)

What is the underlying energy?  What is the emotion that you are constantly feeling throughout these situations/circumstances – or I guess I should say what is the emotion below the surface emotion that you feel?  Many times it will look and feel like the people and circumstances are different and therefore could not possibly be related but I will let you in on a powerful truth – most of the time they are 100% related and run the same underlying energy.

The Peace-Cycle BioEssence Blend does an awesome job at helping you to begin to see clearly.  It helps you to open up perspectives and options for reactions, behaviors and the interrupting of deeply ingrained templates that sometimes we don’t even realize that we have.  The Peace Cycle Remedy allows the heart to open and reach for the freedom while simultaneously helping you not only craft a beautiful and empowering vision for yourself but to see how to get yourself from where you are now onto the path that you need to take to manifest your dreams and desires.

I say often that pain is a powerful motivator, and when you find that the pain and discomfort of always being in a state of inner or outer drama you will look for solutions and be motivated to find hope and a way out.  It is my uppermost desire to help you in any way I can and creating these products that can come alongside, be a blessing and help propel you forward out of stagnancy and oppression and into light, flow, empowement and joy is so freaking awesome to me.  The Peace-Cycle Remedy is one that I am immensely proud of.  Thank you for letting me share my heart with you through these wonderful Remedies and creations that flow from my very heart and spirit!

How to Know if the Peace Cycle Remedy is For You:

Does life seem to be handing you a series of events or circumstances that are upsetting?

Do you feel like life experiences seem to constantly put you down or crush your spirit?

Does it feel like a life situation or circumstance feels overly oppressive?

Does it seem like bad things just keep happening to you?

Do you find yourself constantly in dramatic situations?

Do all of your relationships seem to be in a cycle of turmoil?

Do you cycle through friends/acquaintances rather quickly?

Do you find yourself having a chronic victim mindset and often times replay “stories” in your mind of what others did to you or how you were wronged?

Do you find yourself getting sick over and over and it usually ties into a time that you are expected to perform or are feeling unseen, unloved or unheard?

Do you find yourself being overly aggressive as an inner defense mechanism, feeling like you just can’t help it?

Are you are constantly seeming to get involved with drama both of your own and others?

Does it feel that you cannot seem to escape childhood patterns?

Do you constantly feel affected by trauma you have experienced

Do you desire to do inner child healing work or are taking some healing time and focusing on energy clearing sessions?

Are you are trying to create a new life experience while leaving the old season/cycles behind you?

Any of the above mentioned things can happen to the average person, but when it seems that these things are happening over and over during a lifetime or during a season of life it can be inner pain that needs to be healed, a thought or behavior pattern that needs to be corrected/reframed or replaced or a generational belief system that doesn’t serve you well anymore.

Your heart and your subconscious as well as your spirit have ways of showing you what needs to be done.  It is always best to pay attention and take whatever steps you can towards creating your own personal liberty and freedom from these oppressive cycles and patterns.  It can be scary, it can be unsure and you may not know exactly what the outcome of the journey will be but I want to encourage you to take the first steps to healing and to creating the peace that you crave.

These patterns that we find ourselves stuck in can manifest in many different ways but some common ones can be the repeating of:

  • career crisis
  • series of bad relationships
  • constant inner turmoil or suffering
  • recurring financial hardships
  • emotional collapse patterns
  • finding yourself victim to emotional manipulation
  • finding yourself constantly emotionally manipulating others
  • weight gain
  • lethargy
  • consistent irritability
  • self sabotage through drinking, gambling, sexual addictions, etc
  • sickness
  • divorce
  • losing friends
  • intense disagreements with seemingly everyone

The results that myself and my clients have reported on this Remedy has been:

  • Massively effective Inner Child healing
  • Interrupting of damaging behaviors
  • Inner and outer oppression deliverance
  • Peaceful transition (almost without noticing how or why) to another season of life
  • Feeling peace and freedom instead of anger, fear, anxiety or turmoil
  • Increased clarity around the pathway to creating a more relaxed and harmonious life
  • Increased connection to the inner self


Ingredients: I love love love the ingredients in the Peace Cycle remedy.  They blend, dance and entwine together so beautifully!  Also, you may want to read the personal note from me at the bottom of the page about how the creation of this remedy came about, it was so fun!  Here is the recipe for this amazing blend:


Lady Liberty (Sacred Spaces Series) BioEssence Blend, Grief/Sorrow Processing, & Radiant Love BioEssence Blend,  Agrimony, Holly, Hyacinth, & Willow Flower Essences,  Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, Malachite, White Jasper, Red Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Brown Jasper, and Lapis Lazull Gem Essences,  Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Energy Alignment & NuVue Nervous System Calming Frequency Imprints,  Condemned, Anger, & Self-Esteem Inversion Frequencies,  Transition and Family Bliss Blessed Flower Essences



I want to share a few notes about the ingredients with you in addition to the personal note from me at the bottom of the page which also talks about how the Blend was created:

The Citrine Gem Essence was chosen as it helps us center into our own personal inner strength.  This can be invaluable for someone who is feeling disempowered through recurring circumstances and situations that are painful or make us feel out of control.  This has got to be one of my favorite Gems and I love that it made it’s way into this remedy.

The Malachite Gem Essence also holds an irreplaceable position in the final formula as it is known as a powerful helper to heal our hearts.  We can all grow faint and weary, even displaced, during times of oppression, trauma and abuse.  It is also important to note that this abuse can be from others, from circumstances beyond our control, our even more common the abuse we inflict upon ourselves!  Malachite is the go-to Essence to help us push though the tough inner work and healing that the Peace Cycle Blend transitions us into.

So many people who are experiencing painful repeating cycles during adulthood are desperately in need of doing Inner Child healing work.  The Willow Bach Flower Essence has a powerful reputation and a successful history of helping people to transform and heal the inner child.  One of the reasons that I knew that I wanted this ingredient in this blend is that Willow also flows to heal generational Inner Child dysfunction that is passed down energetically from parent to child.  Not all things that we experience, thoughts that we have or ways that we act originated within ourselves.  Some were passed down or learned.  Willow really helps to heal both aspects of these types of issues…which by the way, most ALL of us have in one form or another whether we are aware of it or not!

The Radiant Love BioEssence Blend was included in the Peace-Cycle because it strongly encourages self-love and the re-integration of a positive interaction with both self and the world around us.  This is necessary when throwing off ways of thinking, acting and feeling that are familiar to us but aren’t serving us well anymore as adults.  We need to practice self-love and make choices that are good for us, not necessarily the ones that make us feel the most comfortable in the beginning.  The Radiant Love BioEssence Blend is also freaking awesome at helping us to INTEGRATE new perspectives of ourselves and others.

The Peace Cycle Blend contains White, Red, Brown and Yellow Jasper.  Jasper basically volunteered itself energetically for this mission of helping others through this blend.  I loved it from the beginning in that it helps to bring massive stress relief and calm emotions, and therefore helps us make level observations and decisions as we are healing and transitioning.  People who take Jasper for any length of time report experiencing harmony throughout their being and as people who are stuck in negative patterns and templates often experience conflict and oppression this is a much needed relief.  Resolution of conflict both internally and externally, personally or generationally passed to us, through what we think and how we act requires the unification and assimilation of two opposing forces and Jasper is a powerhouse at paving the way.  Jasper is also known for supporting creativity, which is important when someone needs to transition from a time of spiritual or physical personal suppression into feeling hope, freedom and inner peace and light.

And the last ingredient that I want to give a shout out to is certainly not the least of them all!  Smokey Quartz Gem Essence is said to bring light and healing into the darkest places of our psyche and energy body.  This is a powerful thing in that the energy body is where traumatic energies can be stored and can keep us triggering over and over and reliving painful emotions and disempowering situations.  Smokey Quarts also helps us to stay grounded and not project into our past or our future which is needed for health and a feeling of wholeness.

Protocol: Put 5 to 10 drops under the tongue and hold for 15 seconds three to four times per day.  Or you may also put 5 to 10 drops in a glass of water and drink three to four times per day.  Best results are experienced when the blend is taken consistently and kept at high levels in the body, especially for the first couple of days.


Take the Peace Cycle BioEssence Blend with the intention to allow it to journey with you through the gateway into a new inner and outer life experience.  Commit to transition and to the work it takes to challenge and feel your way through new possibilities regarding what we believe about ourselves and the world around us.  Let the blend create and hold the space for you while you do the work crash through the barriers, limiting beliefs, deeply ingrained habits and self harming actions that have kept you stuck and oppressed and in circumstances that deny you freedom emotionally and energetically.

For best results take without interruption for 4 to 6 weeks.

Alternate Protocol From Lori:  You may also take this blend as often as you like throughout the day.  I have had marvelous results when I sat down with my journal and some quiet music and determined not to get up until I worked through whatever was keeping me captive and preventing me from moving forward to a more positive and empowering life experience.  In situations like this I used the blend in 10 to 20 drops each dose and repeating the dosage every 15 to 30 minutes.  Powerful stuff yall!!!! <3





Emotional First-Aid

Support for Physical & Mental Stress, Emotional Pressure Relief & New Perspective, Relieves Body-Mind-Spirit overload.


24 Custom Imprinted Frequencies in Varying Potencies Including:  Dandelion, Clematis, Gorse, Hosta, Meyer Lemon & Willow Flower Essences, Carnelian, Smoky Quartz & Ametrine Gem Essences, Polarity, Body Field, Mental Calm, Personal Transformation, Inner Peace & Heart Imprinter BioInformation, Forgiveness, Stress Less & Energy Boost Frequency Imprint, Radiant Love, Grief Processing, Lady Liberty & Chakra/ Nadi Matrix BioEssences.


Organ and Body Syste Mapping:

  • Broadly maps to the Renal System, Vascular System & Lymphatic System.  All Sensory Organs as well as Joints, Tendons, Spleen, Liver, Gallbladder, Adrenals, Thymus, Thyroid & Pancreas.

Energetic Links:

  • Provides a calming influence over inflamed or overly fluid energy flows throughout the energy body & organ system.  Influences an energetic state of inner stabilization and the interpretation of mental stimulus as a throught vs. something inflammatory to the body field.  Provides support for access to the above and below body energy centers that may have become inaccessible due to stress, adrenal overload or highly emotional states.

Applicatiion Suggestions:

  • Take by mouth in water as needed.

Groups well with:

Grief Processing, Peace Cycle, Radiant Love, Kambaba Jasper Gem Essence, Dragon Stone Gem Essennce.



Muscle Relaxx

Promotes relaxation in the physical, mental and emotional body field, encourages the mind to release and body to rest.


8 Proprietary Imprinted Frequencies in Varying Potencies Including:  Body Field Therapy, Night Balance, Pain-Ease, Deep Sleep Imprints as well as several body system balancing frequencies.


Organ and Body System Mapping

  • Broadly maps to muscle, vascular and respiratory systems.

Energetic Links:

  • Assists over stimulated or fatigued fields to rest and all for rejuvenation. Promotes the release of 'stray' vibrations held in the body field that cause the mind to race and not to quiet.  Speaks into the body field stability, safety as well as encourages a mind set of allowing the release of stress.  Can assist in interrupting energetic pain signals in the body that cause tension and additional tightness.

Application Suggestions:

  • Take by mouth in water before bed. Doses may vary between 6 drops and4 tbsp.  **MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS.  DO NOT TAKE WHILE OPERATING MACHINERY OR PREFORMING ANY PHYSICAL OR MENTALLY DEMANDING TASKS.

Combines well with:

  • Deep Sleep


Body Field Therapy

Stabilize Information Transfer Through Body Field, Reduces and Heal Geopathic, EMF and Wave Damage, Release Field Trauma, Preparation for Energetic Sergury or Repair.


Over 42 Proprietary Imprinted Frequencies in Varying Potencies Including:  Frankincense, Field Rejuvenator, Big Field Stabilizer, Polarity, Source Energy Stabilizer, EMF Protection, EMF Balancer, Cell Food, Grief Processing, Emotional First Aid, Matrix Pathing, Copal Resin, Cinnabar, Desert Rose, Moonstone, Base Grounding Imprinter, Fulvic and Humic Acid, Love Carrier.


Organ and Body System Mapping:

  • Maps out to all major organs in torso as well as broadly supporting the Vascular and Endocrine Systems.  Eyes and Inner Ears as well as overall balance can be supported when the Fields stabilize, which is reported to give healing to those experiencing Dizziness or Vertigo episodes.  Also, those suffering with Chronic headaches have reported relief in pain level and frequency.

Energetic Links:

  • Provides much needed stabilizing and hand holding type of support as the body field is able to reconfigure and rejuvenate from damage or trauma.  Wakes up the Body Field (both outer individual organs and body systems).

Application Suggestions:

  • Best results when taken regularly for longer periods of time.  Alternatively, you can do a 3 day Intensive taking dose every 2 hours.

Groups well with:

  • Detoxification-1, Grief Processing, Supercharged Day, Aragonite Star Gem Essence.