6-Week Online Holistic WeightLoss Workshop Rocks!

Do you find yourself stuck in a seemingly never ending cycle of lose weight…gain weight…lose weight…gain weight? 

The Weight Loss Merry-go-Round can be so emotionally and mentally draining as it is always steeped in self-sabotage behavior and upper-ceiling limits that just won't seem to allow you to succeed and hold on to permanent change and results no matter what you do.

What is "Weight" or Fat, anyway?  Aside from unused food being stored in the body, it is something that your body creates to protect you from something toxic.  This doesn't just mean toxic food - it's toxic thoughts, toxic emotions, toxic energetics.

Your body is the physical manifestation of the choices you make and what you allow in.  That is why many people gain weight when they get stressed, get run down, feel guilty or depressed.

Today I am announcing the Release of my WeightLoss SmackDown Intensive.  

I created this course specifically to help people address the issue of Weight Loss from a truly Holistic perspective in order to be able to move past the patterns and templates that we run in our lives that keep so much of our mental and emotional focus centered around our body and our weight.  

The WeightLoss SmackDown Instensive was launched officially earlier this year and I have since taken several groups privately through this Series with amazing and life changing results for all who have taken the Course and applied the Modalities and Techniques that I am introducing.  It is with great excitement that I am now releasing this Online Workshop to the Public!

In Our WeightLoss SmackDown you will learn methods to battle memories that are being held within the body & mind affecting our weight and emotions around food, learn about vibrational rates of foods & emotions relating to how they affect our physical body, utilize EFT to release emotional triggers & addictions and learn the Holistic Modality of Kinesiology to discern if a food or supplement is harmonious to your body, plus more.

During this Course I am going to introduce you to some powerful tools that I have been using with my private clients for the past 7 years to help them address and put a permanent end to the weight loss roller coaster. 

But let me warn you now, this 6-Week Course in Holistic Weightloss Workshop is INTENSE.  This is not your run-of-the-mill "pansy powder puff" list of rules of what to eat and what not to eat and how and when to exercise.  Most of us already KNOW that we should be eating clean and exercising.  

No....this workshop will take you Deep.  Deep into your Self-Sabotage and Upper Ceiling Limits that keep you from losing weight and keeping it off.  We dive into the mental triggers that cause you to have binges and all of the conversations that you have with yourself to justify eating crap and not taking care of yourself for another day. 

It's you and me for 6 whole weeks and you need to buckle up because I intend to give you the tools that get you results for a lifetime! 

Should you choose to take a stand and create change in your life in the here and now, below is a breakdown on your 6-Week Itinerary of Awesomeness!


SmackDown Welcome & Introduction Video

Module 1:  Clean Eating

Clean Eating Video Part 1

Clean Eating Video Part 2

Breaking The Chains Energetic Healing Track

Weight Loss Motivation:  Living Your Soul Purpose

Clean Eating Inspiration - Clean Recipes


Module 2:  Tapping The Triggers

Learning EFT/Tapping Video 1

Tapping Demonstration Video 2

Script 1:  Intense Cravings

Script 1 Video Demonstration

Script 2:  Intense Emotions

Script 3:  Stress & Overwhelm

Script 4:  Making Changes Stick

Script 5:  Dealing With Other People


Module 3:  Emotional Body Overhaul

Energetic Reconciliation Method Video 1

Energetic Reconciliation Method Video 2

Exercise In Emotional Eating Video

The 'I Love You' Challenge

Beat the Stress - Stress Assessment


Module 4:  The Energetic Body

Energy & Vibration Video Workshop

Releasing Resentment Exercise

Healing Script:  Loving Yourself

Emotional Energetics Video Workshop


Module 5:  Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

Introduction to Muscle Testing Video 1

Introduction to Muscle Testing Video 2

Goal Setting Challenge

Muscle Testing Challenge

Healing Script:  Reflection In The Mirror


Module 6:  Spiritual Nutrition

Spiritual Nutrition Video Workshop

Affirmation Re-Framing Script 1

Affirmation Re-Framing Script 2

Affirmation Re-Framing Script 3

Affirmation Re-Framing Script 4

Food For Thought Video Workshop

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As always, if you have questions you can always email or give me a call at the clinic and I would be happy to help you!

Love, Lori

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