Announcing! A 1-Day Workshop Thursday May 26th! 
EveryDay Energy: Self-Healing Masterclass
A Guide To Your Personal Energetic Healing Practice
Have you been wanting to learn how to do Energy Work but didn't know where to go or who to turn to in order to learn?  Are you trying to heal yourself but you are not quite sure how?  Have you been working on your health and well being and are ready to take yourself to the next level? 
If you answered YES! to any of the above, then keep reading.  :)
WhatEveryDay Energy:  Self-Healing Masterclass, a 1-Day Workshop
Why:  To Define and Learn How To Implement Your Personal Daily Energy Healing Practice
Where:  InternaPure Holistic Health Center
When:  Thursday May 26th, beginning at 9:00 am
Who:  Your Guide and Workshop Leader is Lori Goodwin
Price:  $210.00
Additional Option:  Integration Workshop Thursday June 2nd $89.00 (date subject to change, details below)
Our Workshop will teach you 5 Powerful Self-Healing Energy Modalities in order to help you establish your daily self-healing routine.  By practicing the unique techniques I will be sharing in this Workshop you will be well on your way to having the best Energetic health possible.  You will save money, time and unnecessary frustration and suffering by having the knowledge you need in order to heal yourself.  And most importantly you will walk away with the confidence and empowerment to KNOW that you do not have to rely solely on others for your energetic healing needs.
Introducing:  EveryDay Energy: Self-Healing Masterclass.  A Guide to your Personal Energetic Healing Practice
Each and every one of us are a wonderfully complex and powerful creation.   The Lord impressed upon me many years ago that to truly heal you must be able to work on all aspects of yourself at the same time.  This includes your Physical Body, your Emotional Body, your Mental Body, your Spiritual Body and your Energetic Body.  Not one part of you can be neglected if you want true balance, health and wellbeing - as is your BIRTHRIGHT! 
Holistic Healing focuses on ALL parts of you, not just one area or theme.  And if you want true healing you must work to bring all of these areas into alignment - It doesn't work if you only focus on one part of you. 
In our society we usually only focus on healing one aspect of ourselves at a time.  It's common to see people focusing on just the physical - ie. taking supplements, exercise, and nutrition.  People sometimes focus only on the spiritual while sorely neglecting or shunning all together the Physical, Energetic and Emotional aspects of our bodies.  Then there are those people only focus on the mind or emotions, going to professionals to help us untangle ourselves while neglecting the physical, spiritual and energetic.
This path of only focusing on healing one or two ways leaves us unbalanced and never able to attain our true level of vitality.  In order to do that you must address the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual AND the energetic.
InternaPure is here to offer a 1 Day Workshop that will put in place the Energetic piece of your health puzzle to allow true holistic healing and the ultimate wellbeing.
What We Will Be Covering;
Part 1.  Body and Energy Center Balancing.  In Part 1 of our Workshop we learn how to heal, balance and maintain the Energy Centers within the body.  We will also answer the questions: Why in the world would doing this be important?  Why should you do this daily (or multiple times daily)?  How do you actually go about doing this?  What information will doing this give you about your body, mind and emotions?  This practice will form the bottom line base foundation for your EveryDay Self-healing Energy practice, priming your body to be able to receive, release and reset as you proceed through Parts 2 through 5 of our Daily Self-Healing Protocol.
Part 2.  Organ and Body System Re-Connection.  In Part 2 of our Workshop we will be talking about one of the most fascinating energy practices for those who want to begin to know for themselves EXACTLY what the body is asking for and needing in order to be healthy, vibrant and balanced.  This Method of Energetic Healing does an amazing job of connecting you to the information that you need about yourself to feel confident about making any decision.  Often times those that practice this can learn to know things that are happening within the body before they even manifest with physical symptoms.  And those who are already dealing with illness or infirmities who begin practicing this Method begin to have a very deep and knowing connection with the healing path that will allow the body to bring itself back in balance.  Put in as part of an EveryDay Energy Discipline this is an extremely empowering practice.
Part 3.  Vibrational Flow Healing Method.  Part 3 presents the next step to be added to your life changing daily discipline of practicing self-healing.  As you learn about the Vibrational Flow Method we will discuss how to give your body what it needs in order to function at the high level that you were created to run at.  Vibrational Flow Healing Method puts gas in the gas tanks of the energy body, metaphorically speaking.  This practice is extremely powerful while serving to relax and reset the body.  This practice alone can help the body to release traumas, emotions and thought forms that have settled into the body and can cause all manner of illnesses, limited beliefs, and the inability to move forward in life.
Part 4.  Energetic Cleansing.  Part 4 of our Workshop covers exactly how to clear pain and blocks in the body, mind and emotions.  Once you have gone through Parts 1 - 3 we finally get down to the meat of the matter - How do I fix/heal/help myself?  Part 4 gives you a powerful tool that will allow you to work with any pain or suffering point in the body.  Just implementing this step alone daily will assure that you will never be the same again…. Add them all together and so far you have a Powerhouse Personal Energy Practice!
Part 5.  Energy Field Clearing & Massage.  Part 5 is the conclusion of your daily energy practice - the icing on the cake, if you will.  After finishing your healing time you will perform this energy healing modality in order to make sure that what you are clearing and releasing during your daily healing sessions fully release from the body.  This practice prepares you for going forward strongly throughout your day.  This Method is also a great way to reset while in the midst of your daily activities if you are finding your thoughts racing or have been in the presence of a person or a situation that has triggered some negative or lower vibrational emotions.
What to Expect:
I am opening this Workshop up only to an extremely small group, so it will be an intimate setting with each person getting my personal attention. 
The day will be fast paced and A LOT of information will be covered.  Worksheets outlining each Part of our Workshop will be given to each Participant.  You will be able to take these Worksheets home and use them to remind you of each practice that you learned.
Come dressed in comfortable casual clothes. 
Water will be provided.
Fruit snacks will be provided throughout the day.
We will be breaking for lunch, during which time everyone is on their own to go and get something to eat or bring something with them for their lunch. 
We expect the Workshop to be over around 5:00 pm.  However, this is subject to fluctuation depending on the number of questions and demonstrations that we choose to participate in as a group.
Sometimes when we study or attend a class such as the EveryDay Energy MasterClass, there can be a disconnect between what we learn during our attendance and the implementation of that practice into our daily lives.  My goal is to change your life by empowering you with the information learned in the EveryDay Energy MasterClass.  In order for me to be sure that I accomplish my goal I am offering you a chance to attend the Workshop, go home and implement what you have learned, and then return for anIntegration Classin order to make sure that you are able to understand and use what you learn.
 The Integration Class is a half day class, and is tentatively scheduled for Thursday June 2nd.  It is completely optional and is not a requirement for those who attend the Workshop. 
The Integration Class holds a completely different structure than our main Workshop.  We will come together as a small group in a very close setting and we will go over all of the personal experiences of the practices we have learned.  It will be a hands on time that I will be personally helping each and every person in attendance to get more clarity around their practice and what is working for them and interpret properly any thoughts, sensations or impressions that they are experiencing.  I will be answering questions 1 on 1 as well as helping each person "tweak" their own personal energy practice in order for you to experience lifelong results from this course.
The Integration Class can help you to solidify and fine-tune your own Self-Healing journey and serve as a massive leap forward in your experience with personal energy work.
If you choose to do the Integration Class you may sign up during your registration for the EveryDay Energy MasterClass.  Spaces are extremely limited and your spot is NOT guaranteed just because you attended the Workshop. 
Additional Information:
1.  This class will only be offered in small group format, within our facility a limited number of times.  After the live classes have ceased the EveryDay Energy MasterClass will be offered online through pre-recorded audio, videos and worksheets through the InternaPure Healing Arts Academy.  Live courses are always so powerful, so there will be a huge difference between the experience of a live Workshop and an online course.  During the Workshops you will have access to the questions and comments of others as well as to the personal energy work, feedback and instruction of myself.
 2.  All Participants in this Live Workshop will have access to any and all materials that may be published at a later date through the Academy.
3.  This Level 1 EveryDay Energy MasterClass is a requirement for those who are wanting to learn how to use Energy Work to heal others by taking the next Course offered in this Energetic Healing Series through the InternaPure Academy.  The Level 2 Workshop will teach you how to create massive shifts and powerful healing during your sessions with your own clients.  After completing Level 2 Workshop (dates will be announced soon), you will be able to use your skills to heal yourself as well as others.  The Level 2 Workshop will be followed by an Advanced Energy Masterclass whereby we will be learning only and advanced proprietary blend of energy healing methods that will set you apart from the healers around you as well as empower you to be able to make a profound difference in the world around you.  But all of this starts with your own basic personal daily energy practice, you cannot do for others (should you desire to help others) if you aren't doing the work yourself.  Your daily practice will certainly change and evolve for you over time but the EveryDay Energy MaserClass puts you above the rest as you lay your foundations.
4.  No previous experience with Energy Work is necessary in order to attend this Workshop. While we are not teaching the basic theory of energy and how it works and moves through the body during our live event, anyone who has a desire to learn new and powerful methods to heal themselves as well as to help others will highly benefit from attending.  Attendees will benefit from coming in with an open mind and an open heart to receive and learn who they are and the fact that you are your own best healer.
5.  Class size is very limited and is on a first come first served basis.  Call InternaPure at 770-971-9512 to reserve your spot for this amazing experience today!
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