As you know, we launched our new Body Sculpting Wraps a few weeks ago and the response has been breathtaking.

I started praying about adding this Modality to my Services Menu about a year ago after several clients came in sharing about some not so positive results and side effects they had experienced while getting Wraps at various locations around the State. I felt that not only could I offer a safe, truly natural alternative to some of the Wrap formulas that are out there but that I could create a Formula that was a true catalyst for permanent change in the body as well as being healthy and giving the Body Sculpting RESULTS people were looking for.

And I gotta tell you, I do some pretty amazing things but I have even impressed myself with this one! :)

We have created a different kind of Wrap experience in it's entirety. Here's how:

~ Not only are my wrap solutions 100% natural, the fact is that you could actually eat them due to the fact that I use extremely HIGH QUALITY, custom made, food grade ingredients (though the solution may not taste all that yummy :) ).

~ It takes approximately 26 seconds for anything that you put on the skin to be absorbed, so with that being said you essentially are "eating" anything that you apply to the skin. My Wraps are 100% safe, and even healthy, for people who may already have toxicity issues. My Signature Sculpting Solution will never raise the body burden nor become one more thing that the body must process. Instead I am introducing Mega Energy Boosting Macro-Minerals into the body that your body is absolutely CRAVING and can process and use immediately to build, balance, repair and heal itself.

~ Magnesium supplementation is actually crucial for everyone today, however, magnesium is poorly absorbed orally. But when applied to the skin, it has the benefits of going through the ideal delivery system (transdermally) with benefits unequaled in the entire world of Minerals and Supplementation. These benefits promote recovery from activity or injury enhancement, reducing pain and inflammation, propagating regeneration of tissues, increasing strength and endurance, muscle relaxation, depression and low emotion alleviation, and hormone ministry.

~ Mix all of those benefits together with the results that you get from our Far Infrared Sauna, Oxygen Therapy and Ion Therapy, Aromatherapy to assist the body in releasing toxins as well as the Vibrational Encoding on the Energetic Healing Track that heals the Human Body Field while it plays and BAM! I freaking guarantee you that you will not come out of my sauna after doing one of my Wraps and be the same as you went in!

~ But perhaps the part that I am happiest about is that I have created a Wrap that can be done in complete privacy. With a short 2 minute instruction you can apply the Wraps yourself, as modesty is of utmost importance here, and then hop into the Far Infrared Lux Sauna. You can have a high-end Body Sculpting experience without anyone ever looking at your body. Of course, you can always opt to have one of our Technicians to assist you with your wraps and we will be happy to totally hook you up!

~ With our Infrared Mineral Sculpting Wraps you can burn up to 700 calories (the equivalent to riding a bike or running for 30 minutes), have younger looking and feeling skin, feel slimmer, tighten and tone your back, booty and thighs and loose between 4 and 12 inches in just one session!

We are already booking out about a week in advance for certain time slots so make sure that you call and schedule your appointment today.

Wraps are only $65.00 each. We also offer Packages with pricing discounts for those who are wanting to do a series of Wraps as well as Specials that combine other Detox Services and Coures with the Body Sculpting Wraps.

You can read more about the wraps, ingredients and the application process on our website

I am so excited for you to come and check it out!

Love you all!!
Lori Goodwin

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