We are combining our most popular detox services and our life changing WeightLoss Smackdown Program in order to bring you incredible savings on a powerhouse combination for creating the body, health and life you desire.

So many of our clients are kicking their focus back onto their bodies, minds and overall health and we are here to help. Our new WeightLoss & Detox Combo Special includes:
(3) 45-Minute Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions
(3) Body Sculpting Mineral Wraps
6-Week Holistic WeightLoss Workshop - Our Signature WeightLoss SmackDown Intensive
These Services & Online Course offerings are valued at over $580.00 but we have put together special pricing for you right now for $360.00 for the entire package. That is a savings of over $220.00!

You all know that the Colon Hydrotherapy is awesome. The Body Sculpting Wraps are quickly becoming one of the most popular services here because of the FAST results and fabulous body healing and detox benefits. And what can I say about the WeightLoss SmackDown Intensive besides the people who have gone through the course so far have all experienced a large shift in their habits, mental connections and empowerment in regards to the tools that they have now to beat back the weight loss Merry-go-Round and the addictions and cravings that seem to keep us self sabotaging and repeating defeating behavior.

Put all of those together and you have got one heck of a beautiful bouquet of life changing awesomeness! Which, as my clients, I know that you expect nothing less from us. Right?! :)

So, how do you get in on this package? Well, we have 2 options for you:
1. Schedule your first Colonic or Wrap in the clinic and when you check out after your session ask for the Detox & Weight Loss Package and we will hook you up!
2. Click this link:
Fill in the check out form and in the Coupon Code section enter: DETOXME
Then pay for your purchase. You will immediately be given access to the WeightLoss SmackDown Intensive. You can then call our clinic to schedule up your first Wrap and Colonic session!

You are going to love the results!

You can check out more information about the WeightLoss SmackDown Intensive Here:

You can find out more about the new Body Sculpting Mineral Wraps Here:

(Package expires after 6 months, sessions cannot be transferred, WeightLoss SmackDown is an online 6 Week Course to which you will be provided a personal log in and will have 1 year to complete the Workshop)

How is your summer going? Let us know how we can better serve you! We have lots of new products and support systems rolling out over the next few weeks and we love to hear from our clients.

Love you all!!
Lori Goodwin
InternaPure Holistic Health Center

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