It can be hard to navigate our way through all of the social, educational and professional activities in our lives when we have food intolerances ourselves.  It is a whole different ball game when we are talking about our children having food allergies or food intolerances.

It can seem that at every turn there are cookies at school and sports functions, parties, get togethers, meals on the run and temptations and cross contamination at every turn.

If that were not daunting enough we as parents also have to deal with our own emotions that we sometimes unconsciously project upon our children.  We assume that our kids are going to experience their lives and come to the same conclusions in situations that we did.  In reality, two people can experience the same situation and come out with very different perspectives and lessons.

For a child that has food allergies it can be a landmine to navigate the young years.  Many times intolerances and allergies from the foods that they are taking in affect not only their bodies but also their minds and emotions.  When we give in and give them a "treat" what we don't realize is that they are the ones that will be paying the price for days or sometimes weeks to come.  We, as parents, don't always put 2 and 2 together when the next week our kids are having emotional meltdowns or are demanding or not feeling well.  We can get frustrated and be short of patience and don't make the connection to that split second decision the week or day before when we decided to "reward" our child and give in to a "treat".  Now our precious baby is getting in trouble or is experiencing our lowered tolerance for unbecoming behavior and they are not in control of themselves.

It can literally be like walking through life in a fog when our brains are allergic to the foods we eat.  We can interpret life differently and respond totally different to a multitude of situations when we are reacting than we would if we were not. 

When your child is reacting they are basically powerless.  They cannot often times verbalize or even realize that the way they are feeling is not normal. 

I know it is hard but I would encourage all parents to stop and think twice before giving in to that "treat" next time and to realize that you are not doing your children any favors by doing it.  You are leaving their bodies and minds to experience the fallout for days inside their own internal world.  It is good practice when you have strong emotions in any situation about your child not being able to eat the same as others to stop and ask yourself are you projecting your beliefs or emotions onto your child?  Are you acting on what you would feel in that situation?  Sometimes just the acknowledgement of an unconscious thought stream in the mind can be enough to think through a situation differently. 

Also, when there are food allergies and intolerances present that means that there is a whole and different CAUSE of the problem.  Allergies are only a SYMPTOM.  When you keep introducing the item that is causing the body pain or illness you are just prolonging the time it takes the body to heal itself. 

You CAN heal from food allergies and intolerances but it does require removing the offender. 

Be kind to yourself and remember that you want to empower your children to be the best that they can be.  We are amazing parents and all doing the best that we can with what we have at the time.

I hope that my video and post was a blessing to you in some way.  Have a wonderful day and remember to keep that smile on your face!

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