Alright everyone! Ready or not the Holiday Season is officially upon us.

For the past 10 years InternaPure has been here providing you with real solutions to help you deal with holiday stress, unwanted pounds that can tend to gather around this time of year as well as detoxification and immune boosting to fight off those winter time colds and flu experiences.

This year we have ramped up our services so that you have more solutions, more options and more customized programs to choose from than ever before.

The trick to making it through the Holidays flying high and not being weighed down is to PLAN AHEAD!! Seriously. You know I am right! :)

Plan ahead. I know that this can be a busy time of year. But you have to invest in yourself first. Take care of you so that you cruise into the holidays feeling great and are able to come out the other side with no additional hard to lose pesky pounds or having to take the entire month of January to recover emotionally!

Don't wait until the pounds are on, the toxins have built up or the stress is over the top. Start thinking about you now.

Here are some of the ways that we can help this Holiday Season:

Holistic Body Sculpting through Far Infrared Detox Wraps or Mineral Wraps -

Our custom developed wraps combine the Far Infrared heat therapy to encourage the body tissues to relax and pores to open up to take in the vital minerals that will support detoxification, weight loss, and cellulite reduction while sweating out those nasty toxins and relieving the body of its aches and pains. The Mineral Wrap is perfect for supporting emotional balance, stress relief, and mental calming with the infusion of the custom mineral blend. The Detox Wrap is a powerful ally in the reduction of cellulite and encouraging the body to release the toxins that we take in through our foods and beverages we consume. Our Alkaline Wrap was created to provide immune boosting assistance as well as an increase in the alkalinity in the body, which is in short supply when the acid conditions due to stress and poor/rich food consumption take over and compromise the overall body health. During each session you will burn a minimum of 700 calories as well as experience the benefits of the support of our custom wrap blends.

Hydro-Magnetic Therapy -

Our newly launched Hydro-Magnetic therapy uses magnetic pulses to deliver a frequency protocol to the body during your chosen therapy session. The results our clients have been experiencing have been fabulous and we know that anyone who adds this option to their holiday schedule will be beyond happy that they did. You can choose from our Weight Loss & Fat Metabolism Program that will assist you in keeping those holiday pounds from stress and overindulging away or our Immune Booster Program which is a very powerful and robust session to help support your body as it is exposed to so many different 'bugs' that tend to run rampant during our holiday season filled with new places and faces. We have an amazing Energy Rescue Protocol which even before completion of the program you will begin to feel the effects immediately through lifted stress and increased physical and emotional energy. This is a great program to help with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that can leave us feeling drained in more than one way. You can also purchase a CUSTOM PROTOCOL package that includes a BioEnergetic body scan and (4) custom Hydro-Magnetic Therapy Sessions that are created especially for your specific body and any issues that you are processing or dealing with presently.

Colon Hydrotherapy -

Now you all know that there is no faster way to remove solid waste from the colon than through our colon hydrotherapy. Pristine clean water is used to flush, cleanse and hydrate the colon. This is your body's main eliminative pathway when it comes to the foods we consume so opening up this elimination route allows the body to release this solid waste quickly and in larger amounts than would happen on it's own. This is especially helpful during the holidays when we are less efficient at releasing wastes due to stress, compromised immune systems, emotional compounds and higher food consumption. We have additional support through our custom Colonic Infusion line. Try our Weight Loss & Detox Infusion to support the entire digestive track function as well as the balancing of leptin receptors which regulate fat metabolism. Our Digestive Balance Infusion helps with disturbed digestive systems due to too much or not taking in the right kinds of food or alcohol. The Advanced Stress Relief Infusion is an extremely powerful infusion which can help to shift stress levels in the body beginning immediately upon application and lasting up to several days after your cleanse.

Don't wait until you already have pounds hanging onto your body or high stress levels to come in and take care of yourself.

Remember to plan ahead. Look at your calendar now, schedule time to take care of yourself. Call the clinic and reserve your spot for a Holiday Cleanse!

See you all soon!


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