Sauna Serenity

Sauna Serenity. Morning meditation, journaling and focusing on asking myself tough questions and then listening to the answers that God has put into my very soul about who I am and the path I am walking out in this life. I pray and meditate every day as a #dailydiscipline , but some days I like to take in the bigger picture. What am I really doing with my life? What am I really chasing? What #legacy am I leaving? What #limitingbeliefs are holding me back from my dreams? Are the goals and dreams that I am building and chasing true desires of my heart, or just me trying to get away from something I am experiencing that I don't want? How am I serving my fellow brothers and sisters? How am I serving my family? Am I honoring my own heart? How does what I am doing today, and every day, pour into making my goals and #dreams come alive? In my overall life path, do the things that I spend my days doing really matter or am I being "distracted" from walking out my life's purpose? What do I really want to create in this life and why? Every week (and sometimes every day) my journaling has some variation of these heart, mind and spirit searching questions. If you don't keep checking in with God and yourself how will you know if you are off the path? You won't. You will keep rolling along and won't be able to discern that you are building something you ultimately don't want or aren't called to do. You won't know that the vibration that you are running is one of reaction, or self protection, rather than your true God given home frequency. And you get all kinds of experiences that you don't like and want no part of when you are living a life out of alignment. And how do you know if you are out of alignment? By doing the inner work. Consistently. Asking the tough questions and then asking them again and again. Sometimes the answers are the same as before. But sometimes you shift, grow and expand or you may choose to respond to circumstances in a way that causes contraction and a slowed or stagnant life flow and when either of those happens your answers to what you are really building, creating and doing with your life can change. #takeaction #createalifeyoulove #discernment

A photo posted by Lori Goodwin (@_lorigoodwin) on Jul 31, 2015 at 7:40am PDT

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