Body Sculpting Wraps

Holistic Body Sculpting Using the powerful properties of Macro-Minerals

Infrared Mineral Sculpting Wraps, developed by ourselves here at InternaPure, are performed using our Far Infrared Lux Sauna and elasticized cloth bandages soaked in one of our Mineral Solution Blends. 

The infrared heat encourages the body tissues to relax and pores to open up to take in the vital minerals that support detoxification, weight loss and cellulite reduction while sweating out toxins, and relieving body aches and pains.

The treatment consists of the application (by yourself or with the assistance of one of our technicians if necessary) of warm cloth bandages around your problem areas. 

You will then relax into a blissful state sitting in our Far Infrared Sauna while your body is absorbing and assimilating our mineral blend and releasing stubborn toxins for 35 minutes.

While in our Sauna you will receive the added benefit of our Oxygen and Ion therapy, Aromatherapy promoting toxin release as well as listening to calming music that has an embedded Bio-Energetic Vibrational Healing Track that heals the Human Body Field.

Our Infrared Mineral Body Sculpting Wraps are one of the most powerful ways to administer Macro-Minerals into the body in the shortest time possible promoting detoxification via sweating, increasing blood circulation and stimulating metabolism.

Magnesium Macro-Minerals, featured in our proprietary Wrap Blend, are an excellent example of energy nutrients because they activate enzymes that control digestion, absorption and the utilization of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

We employ a method of Wrap that allows our clients to make their Wrap session completely private, if they so choose.  Modesty is very important to us here at InternaPure and we always want our clients to feel safe, comfortable and empowered. 

During your first session you will receive Wrap instructions and then you have the option to apply the wraps yourself or receive assistance from one of our Technicians if you so choose.

  • Experience a completely PRIVATE Wrap experience
  • Burn up to 700 calories - Equivalent to riding a bike or running for 30-minutes
  • Our Sauna triggers your own body to detoxify, melt fat, even heal itself, while losing weight, eliminating pain and getting a cardiovascular workout - Without lifting a finger!
  • Your skin will look and feel younger
  • Your Body and Mind will become deeply relaxed
  • You will feel slimmer
  • Your body will be receiving pure essential minerals
  • Tighten, tone and firm your back, glutes, stomach, and thighs during your session
  • Experience aches, pains and strain relief and help move along the healing process because our sauna & minerals helps make circulation more efficient

Before Your Body Sculpting Session

Do not apply perfumes, lotions or if possible deodorants on the day of your treatment. 

Make sure that you are well hydrated!  This is preferably not accomplished by drinking a ton of water right before you walk in the door :) - that just puts added stress on the kidneys.  You should be mindful of your session and drink water (not acidifying liquids) for the entire day of and for several days before your session if you can. Take a balanced approach to hydration in order to make the detoxification process as easy as possible on your body.

Body Sculpting Wrap Procedure

First, if you so choose, you can take measurements all over the body .  You can do this yourself with the measuring tapes provided or you can have a Technician do this for you.  Once the measurements are done, it is time for the wrap and mineral application.

You will need to undress, keeping on natural fiber (cotton) underwear and bra or bathing suit.  Please do not wear pink, red or dark colored fabrics. 

Taking the mineral soaked elastic cloths provided, begin wrapping the body starting above the knee or calf and up to the inner thigh and tuck the end of the wrap firmly underneath the edge of the cloth.  Repeat this process on the opposite leg.  This should take between 2 to 4 cloth wraps total.

Next wrap around your booty and up to the lower belly, tucking the end firmly underneath the edge of the cloth to secure the wrap into place.  This should take between 1 to 2 wraps.

Wrap the lower belly to upper chest using the same method, using up to 2 wraps.

If the upper arms are a problem area you can use 1 wrap per arm to wrap this area tucking the end of the wrap underneath the edge to firmly secure into place.

Each cloth should be applied firmly around the body, taking care not to allow gaps or looseness but be cautioned that you should not at any time have the wraps so tight that your circulation is constricted in any way. Wraps should be snug but comfortable.

You are responsible for your own wellbeing so please pay attention to your own body and the signals that it is giving you. Tighter is not necessarily better when it comes to wraps. Wrap firmly, but allow the Far Infrared Sauna and the Magnesium Macro-Mineral do it's job to melt the fat and toxins away.

Each wrap session is 35 Minutes long.  When you enter the Sauna your Aromatherapy, Oxygen and Ion Therapy as well as the Bio-Energetic Body Field Healing will already be started so your only job is to sit back and relax!

When the timer on the Sauna beeps, this is your signal to begin the Cooldown portion of the process.  This portion lasts for 5 minutes and allows your body to return closer to it's normal state and to slow down the very intense detox reaction that your body is having. Open the Sauna door at the 5 minute beep, but remain seated in the Sauna until the 5 minute count down is done and exit the Sauna.

Remove your wraps, beginning with the arms, then upper body, then lower tummy and booty and then each leg.  Place used towels and wraps in the linen basket provided.

 Use the clean filtered water & washcloth provided to gently wipe and clean any toxins on the skin and face produced from the sweating during your session. 

 You may choose to re-take any measurements at this time in order to track your Body Sculpting progress.

After Your Body Sculpting Session

Expect to sweat out a lot of water and toxins during your session.  After your session you will need to drink lots of water, coconut water or electrolyte water in order to keep yourself hydrated.

DO NOT shower or apply any type of lotions or deodorants for up to 2 hours after your session.

Eat meals that are high in water content and easy to digest for the rest of the day, as your body will still be experiencing the effects of your detoxification session for up to 24 hours after your session ends.  Ie. Fruits, soups, smoothies, fresh juices, etc.

Allow your body to rest and relax if it needs to.  During any Detox session all of your organs are stimulated to release toxins and if your body is overly toxic or you have lowered energy this can at times make your body ask for extra rest in order to process what is being released from the tissues.  

Infrared Mineral Body Sculpting Wrap

Body Sculpting Wraps (Introductory Rates)

Infrared Body Sculpting Wrap,  Infrared Body Detox Wrap or  Seaweed Sculpting Wrap

35 Minute Single Wrap Session        $65.00

3 Session Package    Save 20%        $156.00

6 Session Package    Save 27%          $348.00

12 Session Package  Save 33%          $522.00

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