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Welcome to our E-Courses on everything from Breathwork to Homemade Probiotics to Home Enemas and Fasting.  As always, you are your best judge if a certain protocol or method of healing is for you or not, so feel free to take what works for you and to leave the rest!

Our Website is under maintenance at the moment in order for us to continue bringing you the best.  All links will be live soon.  Check back often to take advantage of this FREE Holistic Knowledgebase. 

The following is a listing of the courses that have been created so far and are slated, in no particular order, for uploading in the very near future.

Some of the courses feature downloadable .pdf information or audio podcasts, some are video demonstrations and some web text or a mixture of the above.

All courses will be announced via email and our blog posts when they are uploaded so that you will be sure not to miss them.

With All My Love and Blessings For Life Abundant

Why Did I Create These Courses?

This labor of love has long been a passion of mine due to my own personal journey from being so very ill that I could barely function physically and emotionally as well as the journey of one of my sons.

My journey began 14 years ago and while the internet was definitely in existence then information about natural healing, alternative modalities, natural hygiene and herbal remedies was certainly not as prolific as it is now.  I can remember scouring the internet day after day, going from library to library, ordering books from many foreign countries only to have to pay to have someone translate the information for me just so that I could have knowledge. 

I needed to know that there was hope.  I needed to know that there were options.  I needed to know what others both had learned, confirmed or just hypothesized.  Personally, I never expected every single thing that I tried to work.  I didn't feel let down or angry at the information giver when a certain modality didn't work for me or for one of my sons or husband.  I respected that everyone has a different starting point and that the body has it's own order of healing.  Instead I devoured information and modalities in order to work down and find the things that WOULD work for myself or for my sons.  I was thankful for both the things that worked beautifully for our family and for the things that failed miserably or seemingly made us worse, because then I could definitely mark those remedies off of my list! ;)

It is my hope and my intention to just provide information.  I KNOW that not everything here will work for everyone.  I KNOW that there are people who will benefit and some that will not.  That is okay with me. 

I just know that I would have given anything all those years ago to have a place to go that condensed a multi-modality healing approach delivered in a no-fluff, no fillers added format so that I could grab the facts, determine if it was for us and either apply the remedy or move on.

So, here you have it.  My knowledgebase.  My gathering of information.  And truthfully, I am just starting to put in information and it will probably take years for me to fill in all of the modalities and remedies that we have tried but I will endeavor to do so.

It is also my intention, as stated above, to deliver pretty much just the facts.  Many people do not have the time nor the inclination to research like I did.  I know that even though I did have the inclination it was dang hard to do it while running my business, having 2 toddlers, 1 of them being autistic and being physically and mentally ill myself.  I aM NOT trying to present college course levels of materials here. 

Again, I say that I am presenting modalities and methods in a way that hopefully anyone can follow. 

If you are interested in deeper study or need more information on a certain therapy or modality that are presented in my E-Courses I feel confident that with very little effort you can find books and internet sites covering any topic you choose.

As with anything, take what works for you from these pages and leave the rest.  It won't hurt my feelings a bit.

But, I do, with all my heart, hope that you find something here that is in harmony with you, that gives you answers, or at the least propels you forward in your journey to finding the answers that are right for you.

With all my love,

Lori <3

Oil Pulling

This ancient healing modality is totally awesome and does so much.   This course goes over some of the benefits, why you should consider adding this to your daily routines and exactly how to go about doing that.

Click below for access to our course on Oil Pulling.

Candida Balancing

Contrary to popular belief you never completely eradicate Candida from the body, nor do you want to.  But people whose bodies are experiencing an overgrowth of candida blooms take on myriads of very uncomfortable symptoms.  This is my coursework of a natural approach to getting Candida based on my own personal experiences and over 5 years of clients in my clinic dealing with Candida.

Fasting for Healing

Coursework on using different forms of fasting in order to facilitate healing in the body.

Ear Candling

(aka Ear Coning) All about how to perform this old remedy safely at home.

How To Make Herbal Remedies At Home

How to make herbal remedies and tinctures at home.  Basic remedies, recipes, uses and how-to videos are included.

Your Acidic Body - And What You Can Do About It

Bach Flowers Primer

This is a primer level course on Bach Flowers and how they can support the body physically, emotionally and mentally.  Level 1, 2 and Practitioner Level Courses will be offered in my Online Practitioner Academy if you are interest in further study. 

Raw Foods

The what, where, how's and why's of Raw Foods.  Including video how-to's, testimonials, recipes and more.

Juice Feasting

This popular cleanse method definitely has right and wrong ways to go about it.  Here I am going to clue you in on all the tips and tricks to get the most out of your juice feasting experience.

Energy Work

A personal look at Energy Work and how to grab on to the inheritance given to you with this modality.  I strive to remove all of the woo-woo over fluff around this and just tell it like it is so that you can step into healing yourself and others with this amazing modality that you already posess.

Lyme Disease - A Holistic Approach

Holistic approach to dealing with the cause and symptoms of Lyme Disease.

Click Below to enter our Healing Lyme Disease Holistically E-Course.

Muscle Testing

(aka Kinesiology)  Did you ever want to know if a food you were about to eat was good for you or not?  How much of a supplement you should take?  Have you ever wondered how your body would react to a certain chemical or medication?  Muscle Testing is extremely simple and for people who take the time to learn it becomes an invaluable tool for getting feedback from your body.  Also, a Practitioner Level of Kinesiology will be taught in my Online Academy for those interested in further study or wanting more information of how to use Muscle Testing on others.


One of my favorites.  All about Smoothies and the awesomeness of them, including recipes and video instruction.

Baking Soda Therapy

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techinique

This modality is awesome.  What can I say?  It is a favorite.  Here I will explain EFT in simple terms, provide you will how to use it, ways to get deeper and more diversified and how to work through some of the deep seated emotional issues, past traumas or limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.

Reiki For Christians

This is my Reiki course from a Christian perspective.  It is very hard to find anyone talking about Reiki from a Christian belief system where a Believer can feel safe and allow this wonderful healing modality a possible place in their own personal home health tool box.

Healing Your Digestion

Beginner level steps to get your digestive system back on track.  Kind of like putting a puzzle together, you have to get all of your pieces out on the table first.

Breathwork 101

We think of food as being fuel for the body, but really it is the breath.  We could do so much for the mind, body and emotions if we only worked with our breathing.  Adding this modality creates a very balanced approach to any illness or infirmity. 

Home Enema How-To

This is very helpful if you are healing from any chronic disease or are doing any kind of cleanse or fast.  Written and video instructions are given in this course.

21 Day Detox

21 Days of a body reset.  I love my cleanse protocol and I am ready to share it with the public and not just keep it for myself and the clients who walk into my facility. 

There are many 21 Day Detox programs out there...but this one is mine. :)