Energetic Healing Tracks

Breaking-the-Chains Energetic Healing Track

I am so excited to be releasing this first Vibrational Healing Session of our Intensive that is entrained with the downloadable music track.  You will find your Download Link at the end of this Post.

This is the longest Vibrational Healing Track that you will be receiving this intensive.  I wanted to provide one piece that is longer for those who enjoy longer meditation or music pieces.  This piece is 30 minutes, where most of the pieces you will receive after today will be between 8 and 15 minutes. 

This particular track is very robust and I created it using 6 layers which are all harmonious with each other and are designed to take the receiver of the healing work up to the level that their energy field can assimilate and maintain in frequency. 

There are really far too many things that I put into each layer to fully list out but I am going to compile the top points that were in my original notes so that you can understand the importance of adding this tool to your healing toolbox.

Layer 1:

Raised vibration of the receiver to be able to hear and maintain healing in a stable manner to the hearers outer bodies/fields

2 Energy centers located behind upper teeth, in roof of mouth and also centers in cheeks balanced and cleared as they may contain any shock patterns that prevent the assimilation and shifting into new perspectives

Physical obstacles to lifestyle change begin to dissolve and solutions begin to present forward

Stimulate cells to release

Receiver is able to see clearly their life situation and patterns, open perspectives relative to the receivers vibrational capacity to process

You are safe.  It is ok to release the heaviness physically and emotionally that mis-alignment has caused

Follow your path.  Everything really is ok. I love you I did this just for you. God loves you He did this just for you.  Look at yourself and see how beautiful you are.  You are loved.


Layer 2

Pulling in vision of your highest self, a new vision of what you can be/accomplish.  This is to be accompanied by no grief.  No feelings of failure or regret.  Just knowledge that you are great and amazing and you CAN be what you are created to be.  For some this is an impression, vision, idea or a word of just knowing.  For some a first time of feeling worthy or self worth.  Have to have something good in self to be able to see and strive toward.

Motivation to expand, move forward. 

Self image perspectives opened

Healing from the ways we have seen ourselves in unkind manner and the resulting actions/conversations we have held with ourselves

Forgiveness of self as relates to stagnant energy in solar plexus. 

Wave of healing/soothing/emotional release from left side of hearers body to right side

Self destructive patterns….briefly addressed "cords" (attachments to others as a result of self destructive patterns from not being in alignment with self) from these that may hold back change or growth/cord cutting

Reset the way you look at food and use it to help you achieve your goals.  Align your food intake with your image of who you are created to be.


Layer 3

Development of increased vibratory usage of "imaginations" / creative energies

Source vibration of the music piece to the filters of the ears and energy body for energetic trauma healing (as the ears are a filter for the body and experience trauma much in the way that the physical body may experience a physical injury)

Working to open the discernment that advocates a stronger attraction to the things that are harmonious to the receiver

Aspect alignment as most of us run a very fractured personality frequency  


Layer 4

Cleansing the aura/body field

Balancing the above body energy centers

Balancing the below body energy centers

Releasing negative resonances of past instances of trying/failing at higher self alignment

Releasing of generational ties to conscious unconsciousness

Stimulation to releasing the toxic chemical alteration cell imprint


Layer 5

Aspect work. 

Additional generational digestive system work.

Craving/attraction to healthy/harmonious foods

Acupuncture energetic to cravings / numbing activities


Layer 6

5 Layer Simultaneous Merging

Wrapping and Integration of the energy stream flow into the receiver stimulating stable physical and energetic shifts

Christed energy integration

Holy dedication 

Heavenly Healing Energetic Track

The Healing session this week moved me to tears at the beauty of it several times.  While I was making this experience for you I had some breathtaking experiences that make me know for sure that this time and space that we are sharing is indeed anointed.

I present today's Healing Session to you as a labor of love and pray that it is a blessing to you.  I do suggest that the first couple of times at a minimum that you listen to this that you are not operating machinery as depending on your personal frequency there can be very quick vibrational shifts.

For those that are interested, here are my notes that I made as I was forming and deepening the layers.  

Layer 1 -

Full body energy clearing

Alignment of L & R Hemispheres of body

Polarity balance

Clearing of surface energetics preventing energetic assimilation and release

Strengthening Core standing and Root

Clearing of Outer Field

Clearing of vibrational shock/trauma patterns in ear vibrational "filter"

Taking listener to place of pure form for energetic assimilation

Layer 2

Angel Energetic Frequency Flow

Before the Music vibrations begin - 'I AM' frequency

Personal Vibrational Frequency Increase last 30 seconds

 Layer 3

Application/strengthening of protective energetic layer on etheric body

Open connection for energy flow between physical body and Spirit/higher self

Authentic reflection of Higher Self walked out in the flesh

Greater alignment between Flesh Manifested now and Higher Self

Layer 4

Balancing/closing gaps between conscious and subconscious

Information transfer between etheric bodies to conscious mind

Angelic Healing vibrations for lower etheric bodies - body layers 1-4

Small piece of resistance release

Full energy body grounding

Christed Energy

I Love You

Layer 5

Tongues spoken - heavenly language entrainment

Freedom for expansion

Holy Mother Touch

Welcome To Our Downloadable Energetic Healing Sessions

During all my years of having my Energetic Healing Ministry I always wanted to be able to work with my clients beyond the time that we had sitting in my clinic or during our scheduled remote sessions.  Out of that desire these Downloadable Remote Healing Sessions were born.

This is a project that I have been waiting to release for several years now and I am happy that the time has finally come, and I do hope that it is a blessing to all.

How does this work: Truthfully, the music that you are hearing is just a carrier.  The piece of music, while harmonious with my intentions for healing, could really be any piece of music out there.  I take the music and work with the vibrations that are existing and Entrain my energy work onto the source of the sound that you hear through the filters of your ears and the vibrations that you feel through your skin and the imperceptible vibrations that your eyes filter in so that not only to you receive the vibrations from the instruments but the healing frequencies of my energy work. 

My Healing Tracks can be used in your daily meditations, played as you are waking before getting out of bed, played before falling asleep, listened to in the car or while sitting at the computer.  You can also leave them playing on loop in a specific area of your house or office in order to shift the vibration of the space around you.

My Healing Sessions are a bit different in that you won't always get that buzz or body vibration that we come to associate with encoded music.  Jacking up your vibration temporarily so that you "feel" that the music is working is NOT my goal.  I am wanting lasting change.  I want permanent shifts in perspectives and in alignment with your higher self.  Usually, with the deeper levels of healing you may notice immediate physical sensations (or not) but in reality it may actually take hours or days to fully integrate all of the changes.

With my Vibrational Healing Tracks they will always work with you and where you are presently. If you feel that you have received all of the benefits of a track for a period of time and you don't listen to it for days or weeks you can pull it back out and as you listen to the Session and receive the healing the track the Energetic Healing is going to work with you where you are and lift you from your level that you are in at that moment. 

You are never really "finished" with the healing as there are always aspects and layers that can be more fully integrate or be realized.  One of the things that I intentionally wanted to be sure of was that you could come back at any time and receive beautiful healing benefits from the work that I have done.