This group is for participants in our 21 Day Juice Cleanse September 24th through October 15th.

8 ~

This group is for participants in our 21 Day Juice Cleanse September 24th through October 15th.

8 ~

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Hi everyone!

I am so glad to be doing this Cleanse with you all.  This will be an amazing journey, and I can not wait!

Let me start out by telling you a little bit about the Group, what I have included and have planned for you during our journey and a bit about what you can expect.

As you all know, this group has chosen to participate in a 21 Day, Juice Only, Cleanse.  During this time we will be consuming only juices and no solid foods.  In order to get the best experience we have grouped together to offer support, advice, comradery and commiseration when our mood swings get to swinging a little too wild!!  :)

I have so many tools ready to help you (and myself) to get through this cleanse successfully and with as little bumps along the way as possible.

We have the attached Private Group (those not participating cannot see any of the comments within this group), which obviously you have discovered because you are reading this.  This will be the place that all of our updates, conversations, and daily correspondence will be taking place.  So be sure to log in frequently as well as check your email box so that you can know when new content has been posted.

Each participant will be receiving a Custom Bach Flower Blend from my personal collection.  This will be unique for each person but will help emotions to stabilize, allow greater mental clarity and overall support of reaching your goals.

You will be receiving my favorite juicing recipes.  These recipes have sustained over 15 years of juice cleanses and juice fasts for me.  For the new juicers I hope that these recipes serve as a good starting place for you to build your recipe list or add a blessing to your juice recipe box for those who have already been juicing for quite some time.

You will be receiving a Health Assessment Questionnaire where you will be encouraged to really look at and evaluate how you are feeling now, any pain levels you may be experiencing, your overall mental state as well as your weight and measurements.  Many times we forget how far we have come when we are experiencing healing, so we will look at how we are feeling pre-juice cleanse and then will evaluate where we are symptom wise after the cleanse is over.  This will give us great insight as to what shifts the body has gone through during the cleanse.

Weekly support meetings will be held each Sunday at 2:00 pm at InternaPure.  We will come together as a group to talk about and work on clearing blocks, limiting beliefs, and areas that we are stuck or struggling in. 

As of right now the cleanse calendar is set as:

Sept 18th - 1st meeting which is our Meet & Greet and Program Layout

Start Juicing!!  Day 1 on Saturday Sept 24th

Sept 25th 2nd group meeting.  This is week 1 of our cleanse, day 2

Oct 2  3rd group meeting.  This is week 2, day 8 of our Cleanse

Oct 9  4th group meeting.  This is week 3, day 15 of our Cleanse and things are getting intense!  We will all be in our juicing groove, our bodies will be in full on detox mode and we will be feeling good!

Oct 15th Last Day of Juice Feast


I will be giving you almost daily journaling prompts and mindset work in order to help you identify and work through past traumas, patterns, limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that aren't serving you well anymore.  (I highly recommend that you set time aside to do this work and really dive in deep so that you can grow, expand and thrive beyond this cleanse)

We will be covering many additional methods to help the body cleanse beyond juicing and cleansing the colon. 

Questa has been awesome enough to offer those participating in the cleanse a hugely discounted rate on detox services within the clinic.  Colon Hydrotherapy $35 and Sauna $15. 

Juicing demonstrations will be held so that we can all see together how absolutely simple this can be and that there are several ways that we can make juices. 

You have access to me during the entire cleanse.  You can post here within the Group pages, below the exercises, or on the Forum pages.

I also have the personal intention to Live Stream each day during this cleanse.  This will be found on FaceBook, YouTube and here in the Forum. 

As you can see, there will be much support, much interaction and many opportunities to uplevel your current health and wellness.

From here, Go to the Pre-Juice Cleanse Tab and get set to start ramping up for an awesome journey!!

I love you.  I support you.  And I Know that you can totally rock this out and do this cleanse!

<3 Lori Goodwin <3