This is a private 4 Week Energetic Healing Intensive Program that is for Paid Participants only.  

Here is Exactly What you Can Expect During The Lifting The Veil Healing Intensive:

The #1 Thing that you can expect is that this will be a tough program to go through.  We will be covering vast amounts of information, self introspection, energetic healing, physical shifting as well as throwing out old stagnant mental and emotional blockages and replacing them with new ones.  If you are not in a place where you are willing to do whatever it takes to move forward, to relieve both your conscious and unconscious suffering and the above list sounds too intense or scary for you then this is NOT the program for you.

You can expect to spend 30 minutes to an hour each and every single day working on our goals and exercises.  Some days will require more, some days will require less.  If you are not ready to put in this kind of time commitment to yourself and to me then this program is NOT for you.

You can expect that things will come up, life will try to get in the way.  You WILL trigger and want to go and self-distract, put the work off, or not address what may be coming up for you.  If you are going to make excuses to yourself or to me as to why you can't make this work and you aren't in a place where you are ready to FIGHT for clarity, for alignment and for being able to live your life to the fullest then this is NOT the program for you

THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.  And to be perfectly honest, I don't want everyone in this program.  I only want those specific beautiful beings that God is calling to work directly and deeply with me.  It will be beneficial and an amazing experience for us both.  I want God's best for you and for me, so be sure that you feel led to do this program before signing up.

Your results and my reputation are of paramount importance to me and if you are not ready to do the work I am not going to step in and do it for you, and that would mean that this program would not be a good fit for you.  There are other programs you can try, but not this one at this time.  

If you have been waiting for an opportunity to work closely with me receiving energetic healing this program would be something that you will really enjoy.
If you are ready to get out of the adrenaline fueled survival mode and on to peace and flow then this program is definitely for you.
If you love digging deep and experiencing personal growth then you are going to love this whole experience.
If you enjoy energetics, exploring personal vibration and want to learn some new energetic healing techniques then you are totally in the right place.
If you feel that God has led you here, to this moment in time, to connect with me for this season then I want you to know that I was led here just for you and I can't wait to have this experience with you.


  • ​A Private Energetic Healing Session each week with me - 4 Full Sessions ($995.00 Value)  [For those within driving distance of InternaPure Holistic Health Center we will schedule your sessions in the clinic if that is your preference, for those who live in other states or time zones we will schedule remote sessions]
  • Following the Healing session we will have a Strategy Session and go over exactly what we shifted and worked on during the healing session as well as identifying action items that you need to take in addition to the Alignment Course to keep you moving forward - 4 Sessions ($800.00 Value)
  • I am excited to release, just for my special Intensive Clients, a long awaited product  - Custom Energetic Imprinted Healing Music Tracks, 1 for each week, that contain my own personal energy work infused into the track to maximize the work that we are doing in your sessions.  These music tracks are yours to keep and enjoy for long after our 4 Week Intensive is over - 4 Imprinted Tracks (Value $225.00)
  • Ground Breaking Healing Intensive Alignment Program delivered in weekly Audio Series, Video Demonstrations, Downloadable Worksheets and written journaling prompts.  We will be addressing your Alignment with your healing and your personal calling from a truly Holistic perspective.  (Value $1,195.00)  Our program will cover:
    • The PHYSICAL Body:  We will be taking a direct look at the pitfalls and the self-destructive habits that you may have.  We will dig deep into discovering any polarity shadowing you have regarding your physical body.  We will then work together to define who you are really created to be at your PEAK physical level.  Many programs go this far with their clients but we will go far beyond that point and we will define and then INTEGRATE this new vibration so that you begin to run this definition of the new you as your home vibration.  This will help you reach your goals so much faster and with no grief added in.
    • The EMOTIONAL Body:  We will be taking a look at the top items that are recurring in your life that cause you emotional pain.  These items will be the ones that we expend so much energy on a pretty consistent basis, or those things that are so painful to look at that you turn away as soon as the thought or emotion triggers in the body.  This will be a tough week, for sure, but we need to release these vibrations to make room for your new journey.
    • The MENTAL Body:  In Week 3 we will be looking closely at why we view ourselves the way we do.  The labels that we put on ourselves keep us stuck and keep us locked away in our mental prisons.  Together we will be working to break down these strongholds and to impart new habits and perspectives that we can put in place so that we can identify when we may be getting sucked back into old patterns and we will be arming you with tools to prevent that from happening anymore.  Freedom is the name of the game in Week 3!
    • The ENERGETIC Body:  Our Final week together is one of my favorites, but without the others it is unbalanced.  We will be talking all about your Energy Body, the things that affect your personal frequency, and the energetic language that you personally speak and how you can improve communication on this level between yourself and others.  You will also learn some powerful self-healing techniques as well as methods to maintain your personal vibration.
  • Discounts to my 5 Day Alignment Immersion Program and my Energetic Healing Certification Program should you choose to invest further into your own personal growth
  • Group Forum where I will personally answer any questions that you have during the week between our scheduled healing sessions

Hope to see you there!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me via email at or call our Clinic at 770-971-9512.

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