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Check Out the New "Feel Good" Infoceuticals!

In days past it was a fact that NES Practitioners were not able to sell these wonderful little items known as Infoceuticals to clients unless they had received a NES Human BodyField BioEnergetic Scan.  This was all very sad for the clients who didn't have a NES Practitioner near them or for the clients who had great results but could not purchase Infoceuticals outside of the recommended protocol of the NES Scan.

Well, guess what yall!!??  A whole new wonderful line of Infoceuticals are out called the "Feel Good" Range and these Infoceuticals do not require a NES Scan for you to be able to partake of their inherent amazingness. :)

I am so totally excited about these and already clients who have never had exposure the NESWellness System are being totally blown away at the results they are getting.

Below you will find a listing in no particular order of awesomeness the infoceuticals that you can purchase outright just because they are that GREAT!  :)

Source-Master Energy Driver

This Infoceutical is actually one that I have been using for years and every single one of my clients who do NES Scans for any length of time ends up taking this important Infoceutical.

How many of us just feel like we just don't have enough gas in our gas tanks?  Our "get up and go" has already got up and went and we've got nothing left.

Well, the Master Energy Driver (or aka Source Driver) helps out with this common problem with by as a catalyst for the chemical and energetic activities in the body - or in other words, it helps to make sure that there is gas in all of the gas tanks that fuel the body's functions.

Source energy accumulates in all of the body cavaties and in our daily body function can work without it.

There are many things that Source-Master Energy Driver can Assist you in the depletion of your overall energy stores due to:

  • Chronic illness
  • Mental exhaustion
  • Poor breathing
  • Toxic exposure
  • Stress
  • Malnutrition
  • Damage to the body fields due to bacteria, viruses and fungus

ESR - Emotional Stress Relief

Well, folks, just as the name suggests this little miracle worker addresses the body fields response to stress.

Emotional Stress Relief is the one that every single lady that I have currently and if I thought about it hard enough, probably every single one I have ever had, has kept this little baby in their purse for taking all day throughout the day.

The changes that the ESR Infoceuctical makes are pretty immediate and it can offer relief from:

  • Episodes of stress
  • Physical Exercise
  • Excessive mental exercise
  • Stressful situations
  • Feeling too stressed to eat
  • Some stress headaches
  • Temporary stress

The ESR Infoceutical is NOT a chemical sedative nor is it a stimulant.  Remember that Infoceuticals are not supplements, homeopathics or pharmaceuticals.  This is Information in a bottle.  Teaching your body how to respond and how to vibrate a little more harmoniously.

Peace Infoceutical

This infoceutical is a new one for our clinic but it is quickly moving to the top of our favorites list.

This beauty was created for:

  • Promoting a calm mental state,
  • Helps you achieve mental clarity and honesty with oneself
  • Helps transform memories so that they can be more harmonious and promote wellbeing
  • Particularly relates to messages heard tha thave caused disharmony / conflict. 
  • Promotes harmony when there are conflicts between emotions and logical thinking

Sleep Infoceutical

The new Sleep Infoceutical has quickly moved up to the top of our list here as the "Flagship of Change".  More people have taken this Infoceutical and reported massive shifts and improvements than any single other product (well maybe a close second to digestive enzymes) than we carry. 

I, Lori, have taken the Sleep Infoceutical and while I thought that I had absolutely no sleep problems as I usually drift off within minutes of my head hitting the pillow I can say that I have been absolutely floored by the way my sleep has gotten deeper and more rejuvenating.  Seriously.

My 12 year old son has also said that he notices a huge difference when taking the Sleep Infoceutical and now each evening he takes it on his own (which anyone with a 12 year old boy knows that this is a very big deal, you usually have to remind them to do almost everything :) .

The Sleep Infoceutical is NOT a Sedative, it is NOT addictive and does not stimulate hormones. 

Remember, this is Encoded Information which works with shifts in the Human Body Field - which, in my opinion, is how we should begin to correct everything that "goes wrong" with our health because you being vibrational beings in that every single cell vibrates at a measurable rate and these infoceuticals help our fields to that correctly.  GOSH!  We do everything backwards, don't we!! Lol

Anyway...I digress.

The Sleep Infoceutical helps to promote natural sleep by:

  • helping to regulate natural rhythms of the brain field
  • By having a harmonizing/normalizing effect on the Human Body Field

Awesome stuff, people.  Seriously!

Personal Recommendations:  I have, personally, found the best results with this Infoceutical taking Personally, I like to pair this Infoceutical up with the Polarity and the Nerve Driver Infoceuticals.  This creates the most

Chill (ES-8) Infoceutical

Do you ever get that mental looping, where a thought just keeps rolling over and over and over in your mind?  Or you find that it's not just one thought but every single thing that happens that you just can't seem to help but to replay again and again?

Well, I dare say that you aren't the only one!  It is for that very reason that I have probably sold more of the Chill Infoceutical than any other emotionally supportive supplement that we carry.

So many of us just can't seem to keep this Field clear and you can tell that by the fact that we are NOT mentally calm and our thoughts constantly loop.

This wonder Infoceutical is designed to have a mentally calming effect by assisting your mind in processing backlogs of emotional and sensory data due to OVERLOAD!  When we run these emotional tape loops in our minds it just causes more overload which when added to our daily experiences of more stress that gives our poor stressed minds more stuff to loop mentally we have ourselves a chronic circle of stuff to process.

This favorite Infoceutical is very helpful when a person's abilities to process sensory data has become compromised due to constant stress.

Chill Infoceutical has come to the rescue to my clients who will happily share with you over and over their happiness at its creation as it really helps you to - CHILL OUT!

You Are Gonna Love This One!

EMF Infoceutical - Electromagnetic Frequency and EMF Smog

This new is right up so many of my clients alley!  Everyone is talking about EMF's these days.  I was very happy to see that NES was taking a road directly to help people who are sensitive to EMF's and EMF Smog.

Radiation from Electro Magnetic Fields are known to interfere with the Human Body Field.  They can cause the Field to over energize, which is not a good thing.

This state of EMF sensitivity can result in:

  • Increase in headache frequency
  • Poor mental concentration
  • High and low blood pressure issues
  • Immune system crashes resulting in many instances of cold and flu

Fat Metabolism Infoceutical

The Fat Metabolism Infoceutical needs very little explanation in our society today.  We all know what those buzz words mean. 

However, what you won't find on my shelves at InternaPure are supplement after supplement of pills and potions to take for this.  This is the one single product that I have chosen to bring into my facility and put my reputation on simply because I believe fully in addressing the body's needs through the Field.  I believe that this is the way to bring about long term, lasting change.

The Fat Metabolism Infoceutical helps the body address problems with weight by:

  • Facilitates the use of fats by the body
  • Normalizes liver function
  • Normalizes some hormonal activity
  • Detoxing nervous system
  • Regulating appetite function - with comfort eating

This Infoceutical is NOT an appetitie suppressor. 

And you CAN NOT still eat McDonald's 5 times a day and take this and expect yourself to loose weight and metabolize the fat you are storing up better!! :)

Rejuv Infoceutical - For Sport Recovery & Muscle Rejuvenation

Here at InternaPure I have a very large subset of my clientele that are Elite Athletes.  I can already tell that this will be a blessing to those clients who are at an elite level as well as those who love to hard core work out for fun, run marathons for personal challenge or brave those challenging Crossfit WOD's.

Up until now, the only athletes that were able to use NES to take their performance to the next level were those that chose to use the NES BioEnergetic Scans and the Infoceutical Protocols.  Now with the Rejuv being released to the public everyone can get the enhanced benefits of this Modality.

The Rejuv - Sport Recovery and Muscle Rejuvenation Infoceutical can help with:

  • Strengthening the Body Field when there is tissue damage and the body is regenerating tissues
  • Muscle recovery
  • Shock
  • Muscle enzymes
  • Muscle tone
  • Muscle strain
  • Swelling
  • Trauma

In my experience the Rejuv goes hand in hand with the Source and BFA Infoceuticals for helping the body reach peak performance!

Love Infoceutical

The Love Infoceutical deals with how we view ourselves as alone and separated from others and the world around us. 

When this vibration is in balance we are acting and reacting from a state of true and unconditional love and unity and you do what is right for everyone involved, including yourself.

PL - Polarity Infoceutical

Oh Polarity, Polarity, Polarity.  How I absolutely ADORE you!

So, I have had this ongoing love of the Polarity Infoceutical since 2008 when I was Introduced to the NES Infoceuticals and NES Protocol.  For years, myself and my family personally has used the Polarity Infoceutical long term with amazing results. 

Yall, it is no lie that I sincerely feel thankful in my heart to the creators of the NES Wellness System for the invention of the Polarity Infoceutical as our family credits this one little bottle of miracle drops (along with the BFA Infoceutical) as the worker of amazing things.

Even now, I use this Infoceutical as a base that we continually lay a solid foundation of forward healing movement upon with my NES Clients.  They will all tell you Polarity, Polarity, Polarity.  And we get great results.

When someone has issues with "Polarity" it really makes it very difficult for the body to process and hold onto change.  I have always credited Polarity with being the one thing that makes the body healing "stick".  In my practice, I don't look for temporary or half-way results.  I do it all the way or I just won't do it at all.  And I say in all honesty, I know that this one Infoceutical is the workhorse of positive health changes.

Along wih the ESR (see above) I believe that everyone should be taking Polarity.  One obvious reason is that Polarity issues are known to be caused by emotional blocks, stress, electromagnetic disturbances, air travel issues, geopathic stress, toxins and chronic illness.  Now who in the world doesn't have at least one or more commonly ALL of those??

CFI - Colf Flu Immune

This Infoceutical helps support the general relief of symptoms associated with colds and flu.  Fatigue is a major player when it comes to a degeneration of quality of life during a cold or flu episode and I love that this Infoceutical really seems to help with that.

This Infoceutical also supports the Lung and Large Intestine Meridian.

Nerve Driver (ED-4) Infoceutical

The Nerve Driver Infoceutical helps the body to correctly generate the whole nervous system energetic field - which is required for proper nervous system function and neurological integrity.  When the nervous system field is properly supported you see the Field run with integrity, health and proper function.

This Infoceutical is also designed to correct the balance of delta and alpha waves to promote a feeling of calmness and aid restful sleep.

Practitioner Experience:  Early on in my healing journey I found the Nerve Driver combined with the Polarity Infoceutical really helped my body in dealing with the reactions caused by severe food allergies and intolerances along with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  I found that this combination also inadvertently helped my depression and the severity of some of my reactions to my intolerances to also be lessened over a period of months while I while I was also taking Infoceutical Protocols that were addressing the healing of the damaged skin inside my digestive tract.

*Heart Driver (ED-6) Infoceutical

heart and its driver field are associated with the heart's physical muscular pumping action and the creation of complex double sound waves.

There is a very strong emotional content to the heart field.  The heart driver field is associated with decision making processes, identition, clarity, self confidence and mental integration. 

When the heart driver field is damaged self esteem can drop to low levels.

Heart Imprinter (ED-2) Infoceutical

The Heart Imprinter tends to engender positive emotions, emotionally uplfts and facilitates charisma. 

The Imprinter Driver Field is generated by the process of imprinting nervous system information into the blood via the heart.

Male Infoceutical & Female Infoceutical

I have had so many clients that notice positive changes within the first couple of weeks of taking either one of these Infoceuticals.

The energy of the Human Body Fields is vital for correct endocrine function and for male/female performance. 

These balanced Fields can enhance

  • personal charisma
  • attractiveness
  • confidence
  • will power
  • social warmth
  • general feeling of well-being
  • sexual performance
  • social abilities

Muscle Driver (ED-9) Infoceutical

The Muscle Driver, like all of the Energetic Driver Infoceuticals, are associated with emotional and physical properties of the body. 

It helps to harmonize the physical muscle function and the metabolic processes that this Field helps to regulate.

I definitely see the balance between my clients taking this Infoceutical when it comes up on their Protocols when they are needing support in bringing animation to their thoughts and emotions.  When they are experiencing a "stuckness".

Our muscles also reflect oru abilitiy to express our independence in life so oftentimes we will see a reflection in the Human Body Field of clients needing to take this Infoceutical when they are struggling to feel animated and be able to bring their dreams and desires to fruition.

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