Ionic Footbath

Come Experience the Most Relaxing Way to Get Rid of Toxins Present in the Body!

Here at InternaPure we utilizie the Optimum Focus Ionic Foot Detox System.  The OPTIMUM FOCUS process sets up a type of osmosis condition, which drains out toxins within the body. 

When you first place your feet into the water and activate the OPTIMUM FOCUS machine, the water is clear. By the end of the 35 minute bath, the water has changed in color due to the cellular waste & impurities present in the water.  Impurities are pulled from the body, improving the body's natural resilience. 

Blood Cells photographed under darkfield microscope demonstrate marked improvements after just one bath. The cells are free-floating and rounded, appearing much more hydrated and oxygenated. The cell walls are clearer and less dense and works with the water in your body, activating it, energizing and balancing the meridians.

FAQ's About the Ionic Footbath Detox Treatment

What's in the water?
At first, we use warm filtered water which has been processed through a high-tech filtration system consisting of 3 filters and then passing under a UV light to make sure that all of the impurities and chemicals found in regular tap water are processed out.  We then add 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt crystals. After the footbath, there is a combination of high grade plant food (waste) and fatty deposits that have been released by the cells into the lymphatic system then drawn through the tissue into the bath.
How long are the treatments?
One footbath session lasts a maximum of 35 minutes. A Deep Cleanse Series or Cycle consists of up to 14 footbaths, suggested 3 times per week.

Can I talk on my cell phone while taking a footbath?
We ask that nothing that would affect your electromagnetic field be used during your footbath. The machine affects your field as well as your cellular field and any outside influence, such as your cell phone or computer, can interrupt the detoxifying process. To get the most out of your footbath, we suggest that you just remain quite & relaxed.
Shouldn't my water become clear after a few footbath treatments?
We live in a toxic world. Breathing the air & eating food can re-toxify the body in a rapid manner. It will take vigilance on our part to help our bodies to remain detoxed.

Does it cure diseases?
The OPTIMUM FOCUS footbath aids your body, by detoxification, to heal itself by reinforcing the immune system. We make "no claims" of cures for any disease & suggest you contact your physician for diagnosis of symptoms. 

Will the footbath get rid of toenail fungus & athletes foot? 
After several series of treatments, various individuals have indicated their toenail fungus & athletes foot have significantly improved or disappeared.

How do I know it is working?
The best test is to be aware of little things like energy, sleep cycles, mood changes. All of these and more have been reported to us as changed or modified.

I feel a tingling during the footbath.  What does that mean?
It means you are sensitive to the energetics of your body. Some people feel a drawing sensation or a tingling in an area that has been a problem for them. This is the process at work.
What should I expect from a footbath?
We are unique beings and will experience the OPTIMUM FOCUS system in our own way. Some will feel elated, while others will want to sleep. Some will feel dizzy or nauseous (due to dehydration or heavy toxins in the body) while others will feel energized. Some have experienced leg & foot cramps (usually lack of minerals in their system). If one is sensitive to their body, they may feel a tingling or drawing sensation during the footbath.


35 Minute 
Ionic Footbath Detox, (includes free Electrolytes)
 ~  $35.00

Ionic Footbath Therapy Sessions are discounted to $25 when they are done in the same visit as any of our other detox services (ie. colon hydrotherapy, far infrared sauna or detox body wrap).

Regular Ionic Footbath Cleansing Can Help You Achieve

  • Cellular Cleansing
  • Anti-Aging
  • Boosted Immune System
  • Clearer Skin Complexion
  • Activates the body's natural elimination system, including the lymphatics
  • Joint/Pain Relief
  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Circulation
  • Reduced Stress and Fatigue
  • Reduced Swelling & Inflamation
  • Improved Joint Stiffness

To Learn More About Research Conducted and Third Party Testing That Has Been Performed Regarding the Optimum Focus Ionic Footbath Cleansing System Click HERE.