Holistic Massage

Deep Tissue Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is a specific therapy that lasers in on the deep tissues of the body where toxins like dyes, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals and other environmental and food contaminants are held until the body can safely release and eliminate them.

Utilizing Holistic Deep Tissue as well as some NeuroMuscular techniques, this Therapy concentrates solely on the deep layers of muscle, fascia and connective tissue in the body.  This stimulates deep healing and lymphatic drainage allowing the body to release and process toxins safely and effectively. 

Deep Tissue Therapy sessions are designed uniquely for each individual client by your awesome Therapist and focuses on any pain, distortions, trauma, or muscle dysfunction as well as to create an internal bodily environment that encourages vibrancy and vitality.

These sessions are corrective and detoxifying in nature empowering your body to be able to heal itself in the most effective way possible – NATURALLY!

Movement Therapy

Toxic bodies are more prone to suffering injuries, muscle and joint stiffness and a lowered range of motion. 

This Holistic Movement Massage Therapy is designed to minister to anyone dealing with a state of body toxicity in which they find themselves experiencing a physical injury that has already occurred or are wanting to prevent future damage to muscle and connective tissue.  This therapy also addresses muscle and joint stiffness and difficulty with fluid movement. 

Each session will be designed to your unique needs in order to facilitate a healthy range of movement, muscle tone & balance, body symmetry, and quality of posture, which in turn empowers the body into a vibrant healing state. 

Your participation is needed to assist in active stretching and contraction techniques during your Therapy.  You will come away from every session experiencing increased mobility, more fluidity in your movements as well as feeling relaxed and strengthened.  You will be surprised at how much different your body can move in just one session with our gifted Therapist.

Light Touch Therapy

Are you ready to just relax and let go of the stress and demands of your day to day obligations? 

Do you find the feeling of physical touch comforting and soothing to your body and soul? 

Is your body, mind or spirit fighting a hard battle with health or healing and you desire a positive and uplifting Therapy?

Our Light Touch Massage Therapy is specifically designed to lend light, life, beauty and healing during each session.  This unique Holistic Therapy ministers to the body in long fluid strokes balancing the energy flow in the body, gently stimulating toxin release and allowing the client to relax into the comforting touch of our caring Therapist.

Every Light Touch Therapy session leaves you releasing any resistance you have been experiencing, feeling uplifted, relaxed, and hopeful as you move forward with your day.

Massage Therapy Pricing

60 Minute Session ~ $85.00

90 Minute Session ~ $115.00

Enhanced Add In:  Reflexology or Reiki  $20.00

Save 20% With Our Package Pricing:

Package of (3) 60 Minute Sessions ~ $204.00

Package of (3) 90 Minute Sessions ~ $276.00

Let Me Introduce You To Sarah!

My clients that have been with me for any length of time know to expect the highest bar of service and results from anything that I tie my personal Name or my Company to.

I have been for years searching for the perfect Licensed Massage Therapist that would both be a great match internally for InternaPure as well as be the absolute best in terms of client care and giving service and results that is way above what you can get anywhere else.  I wanted a true artist in the craft of Massage Therapy.

And yall, I have finally found her!

Her name is Sarah.  She is an amazingly talented healer and therapist.  I love that she is hungry for knowledge and has a great desire to take what she learns and pass it on to those clients she has the privilege to work with.  

Many people do not realize that when they receive a massage, they are also being exposed to and affected by the vibrational field (comprised of the physical health, thoughts and emotions, etc.) of the Massage Therapist they are working with.  It is easy to find someone to be able to give a massage, all I would have to do is place an ad and I could have any number of new employees.  What is not easy is to be able to find a Massage Therapist who is able to stay grounded while giving a massage and not pass on their own vibrational baggage, nor take in the energetic release that takes place from the client during this type of therapy.  And THAT is the real reason why I have waited so long before bringing a Massage Therapist on board.  

I wanted the right one for you, my beloved friends and clients. I wanted someone who would minister to my clients but that my clients would never walk out being negatively affected by the energetics of the Therapist. I wanted someone who is not prone to drama and definitely not someone who zones out during a session reliving their own life drama thereby exposing my client to that type of lower vibrational thinking.  

And I am so excited to announce that SARAH is her.  She has been hand picked and is here waiting to Minister to you.  Check her out.  

You will absolutely love the menu of services that we have laid out for you.  They are custom tailored to fit into our goals here in our clinic and will help support you in your wellness goals - no matter if that is weight loss, relaxation, body detox or pain relief.

After you meet her let me know what you think.  I know you will love her as much as we do!

<3 Lori