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Liver & Gallbladder Flush Protocol

 A Post from Our Practitioner, Lori Goodwin:

After over 10 years as a Holistic Practitioner and over 7 years as a Colon Hydrotherapist I believe that the liver and gallbladder flush is one of the most important things that you can put in practice to upgrade and maintain your health.  Ridding the liver and gallbladder of gallstones and bile is an extremely powerful physical modality which has far reaching emotional, mental and even profound spiritual effects.  It is an approach that no matter where you are in your health journey I encourage people to incorporate. 


Many times throughout my years in practice I come across various forms of cleansing, detoxing or healing that follows a specific set of instructions or a certain way of approaching the modality or method.  Sometimes I will agree 100%, sometimes I will agree with the protocol maybe 50% and sometimes not at all.  For the last two, I will then usually create my own protocol for myself, my family, friends and clients to use that I feel will perform and support the body or the intended outcome more fully - or at least in a way that I can put my name and my reputation on the outcome.

With the Andreas Moritz Protocol for Liver and Gallbladder Flush, which I will be summarizing here, I 100% agree with everything that he has produced and put out.  There is no reason for me to reinvent the wheel in this case.  There are many other Liver and Gallbladder Flush Protocols out there that are not as strict, have less of a ramp up period, a different dilation protocol, or a different flush catalyst.  Those are all fine and good and you are welcome to follow any of those, as most of them will work on some level.  However I agree with the longer preparation period, which in this protocol is 6 days, and I agree with the exact flush protocol.

I can only say that I wish that I had known about the Andreas Moritz Liver & Gallbladder Flush Protocol and added it to my self-healing "tool-box" years before I did.  But for you, I say you need to do your own research.  Find out what works for you.  Don't just take my word for it.  Go to the Internet, Youtube, talk to people, research and read books.  Specifically I recommend that you read The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz.

Doing a Liver Flush can be intense physically.  It can be very intense emotionally, as the liver is where many of the lower vibrational emotions are stored - like anger, self-depreciation, jealousy, the need to lash out, etc.  You need to make sure that you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.  There can absolutely be side effects - cramping, excessive pooping, headaches, mood swings, vomiting, nausea, liver and gallbladder pain, etc.  Educate yourself so that you are able to be present with any symptoms that you might have and then move through the process.  Read the book which will give you a solid understanding of not just how do flush the liver and gallbladder but why you even should be incorporating this as part of your health regimen.  The book also provides many details on contraindications to flushing that I highly recommend that everyone review. 

I also believe that Flushing is something that should be done about once a month.  The benefits are amazing.  So below I have compiled a summary of the Andreas Moritz Protocol, along with some of my own personal comments. 

Here are some helpful links as well:

This is an Andrea Moritz Protocol Facebook Group.    https://www.facebook.com/groups/516214461895539/ 

I highly recommend that you join and read about the experiences that others have had.  There is some real depth of experience in this group.  They pretty much stick with the Andreas Protocol in recommendations, but nothing substitutes you doing your own reading and your own educating rather than just asking questions.  In this group you can find hundreds of testimonials, pictures, protocol alternatives and questions of those who have gone before you.  For those interested it is a great resource.

There is a link to a FREE .pdf of the Andreas Moritz book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush in the files section of the above linked Facebook group.  Once you join you will have access to the link.  Alternatively you can purchase the book on Amazon here:  https://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Liver-Gallbladder-Flush/dp/0984595449/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487781525&sr=8-1&keywords=andreas+moritz+the+amazing+liver+and+gallbladder+flush



There is a 6 day preparation period which is followed by about a day (anywhere from 16 to 24 hours) of actual cleansing.

To remove gallstones, you will need the following items:

32oz of Apple Juice per day for 6 days

4 Tbsp Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate)

4 oz of Organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

6 oz of Grapefruit, orange or lemon juice


6 Days of Preparation:

Drink 32 oz of organic apple juice throughout the day for 6 days prior to your flush. The malic acid softens the gallstones and makes their journey through the bile ducts easy.  During your preparation week try to avoid foods made from animal products like meats and dairy products and fried foods.  Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water and staying very well hydrated as being in a state of dehydration can render your flush ineffective.  Avoid taking any medications or supplements that are not necessary while doing your flush.

It is of the upmost importance that you cleanse the colon before and after you do a liver flush.  This can help avoid nausea as well as making sure that any stones and bile has an unobstructed path to be eliminated from the body.  It is also beneficial if you do a kidney cleanse before  doing your flush in order to open up the body's elimination routes, but not necessary to the effectiveness of the flush itself.

Most people plan to do the flush on the weekend when there is the opportunity to stay home.  Plan ahead and give yourself the time you need to get through the process.

The Flush:

On the day of the flush drink all 32 oz of your apple juice in the morning.  Eat a light, plain, unprocessed breakfast or lunch - fruits, oatmeal, quinoa, steamed vegetables, rice, etc.  On the flush stay away from all processed sugars and sweeteners, dairy, oils, butter, eggs, meats, nuts, wheat, pastries, etc.  Do not eat any fats or protein foods as these can make you feel very ill during the actual flush.

Do not eat or drink anything except for water after 1:30 pm on the day of your flush.  Follow the flush schedule below:

6:00 PM - Mix four tablespoons of Epsom salt to 24 oz. of filtered water in a mason jar.  This mix is four 6 oz servings which will be consumed during your flush.  Drink your first 6 oz. portion now.  Make sure to take all 6 oz of each serving as one of the main actions of the Epsom salt during a Liver flush is to relax and dilate the bile ducts as well as the sphincter of Oddi (muscular valve that controls the flow of digestive juices), making it easy for stones to pass.  As you will discover very quickly, the Epsom salt mixture also helps clear out waste that may obstruct the release of the bile and stones being released.

[Lori's Tip:  You may find it easier to take the Epsom salt mixture by using a large smoothie straw to bypass the taste buds on your tongue.  You also may need to rinse out the mouth afterwards with a bit of water, or add fresh squeezed lemon juice or apple or citrus juice to make the Epsom salt mixture more palatable.  Either way just know that this is part of the process and it is in no way going to be yummy.  And at this point you will want to be sure that you do not leave the house for the next 24 hours due to needing to be near the bathroom. ]

8:00 PM - Drink your second 6 oz. serving of the Epsom salt Mixture.

9:30 PM - Congestion in the colon can prevent the proper opening of the gallbladder and definitely reduce the flush's effectiveness so if you have not had at least one bowel movement by this point and you have not done a colon cleanse within the past 36 hours, do a water enema to stimulate peristalsis in the colon and remove waste blockages in the lower colon.

9:45 PM - Prepare 6 oz of fresh grapefruit, lemon, or orange juice.  Squeeze or juice them by hand and remove the pulp.  Pour the juice and 4 oz of organic cold pressed olive oil into a glass mason jar and close the lid.

10:00 PM - Standing next to your bed, not sitting, shake the oil/citrus mixture until blended well and immediately drink the olive oil/citrus juice mixture down.  Even though this mixture is absolutely awful to take in it is really best not to take more than 5 minutes to drink it. 

[Lori's Tip: I, personally, have to use the large thick smoothie straws, hold my breath and drink it down.  Some people prefer to take a little honey between sips and say that helps.  However you choose to do it I can promise it is not fun.  Be a trooper and down your drink :)  ]

Lie Down Immediately after consuming the oil mixture!  This is 100% necessary for helping to release the gallstones.  You need to lie on your back with your head propped up on pillows or lie on your right side with your knees pulled toward your head.  Either way you choose, be sure to keep your head elevated above your abdomen.  Lie perfectly still in the bed for at least 20 minutes without moving.  You want to use all available energy and focus in the body on releasing the stones.

After the first crucial 20 minutes you can go into your normal sleeping position, however, do try to avoid sleeping on your stomach during your flush.  It is best to remain in bed from this point, but if you feel the urge to have a bowel movement do so and then return to bed.

[Lori's Tip:  I do find it beneficial to place a cloth soaked in castor oil over the liver area at this time, it is definitely not necessary but many people, as well as myself, have found this to be very beneficial in the process. ]

You may feel the stones traveling along the bile ducts as you lie still in bed.  There won't be any pain as you have consumed the magnesium in the Epsom salt which works to keep the bile duct valves open, relaxed and well lubricated.  The sudden outpouring of gallstones and toxins from the liver and gallbladder, not cleaning out the colon before hand or a stomach low in hydrochloric acid can all be causes for nausea or a vomiting episode during the night - taking 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar in a small amount of water may help to stop the nausea.

6:00 to 6:30 AM The Following Morning:  Once you get up it is best to remain in an upright position.  Drink a glass of warm or room temperature water and then drink your 3rd portion of your Epsom salt mixture.

8:00 to 8:30 AM - Drink your 4th and final portion of Epsom salt.

10:00 to 10:30 AM - Begin easing off of your cleanse by drinking some fresh juice at this time.  30 minutes after consuming the juice you may eat some fresh fruit. 

11:30AM to 12:00 PM -  You may resume eating regular foods, preferably light vegetarian foods, but it is very important not to over eat and stress the digestive system.

Continue to eat light and easily digestible meals for the next 48 hours.  Remember that your liver and gallbladder have gone through a majorly intense protocol and you really need to be mindful and be kind to your body as it readjusts from your cleanse.

You can expect that you may feel tired during the 24 to 48 hours after your flush. 

You may still have watery bowel movements which will consist of gallstones mixed with bile, fecal matter and cellular waste from the colon.  Most gallstones are green or tan colored and float in the water after bowel movements because they contain fatty bile components, but can really come in many sizes, colors and shapes due to the varied percentages of bile pigments found in each stone.  The light colored stones are the newest and the darker stones are the oldest.  Calcified stones, which can be larger tan or white in color, may sink to the bottom of the bowl.  These can be calcified stones that were released from the gallbladder or the liver and contain heavier mineral substances and calcified crystals and only small amounts of bile fats.  You may also find a layer of white or tan colored 'foam' floating in the toilet, this consists of millions of tiny white, sharp-edged cholesterol crystals which are equally important to release.  It is also common to see parasites and worms released during a flush.  Bottom line though, don't freak out, don't overreact and don't spend days trying to diagnose yourself with something from the dark side of Youtube!  You are okay, and it is better to release these things than hold them in!

Colon Cleanse:  Remember to cleanse the colon on the 2nd or 3rd day after each liver flush.  You do not want gallstones and bile which are loaded with toxins to remain in the colon and be reabsorbed into the body.  Any gallbladder or liver stones that are remaining in the colon can cause toxemia in the body along with headaches, bloating, loss of appetite, acne, mood swings, etc.

Flushes can be performed at 3 or 4 week intervals and usually 8 to 12 flushes are required before all stones are removed.  However, in the case of people who have a history of parasite, autoimmune, drug or alcohol abuse, vaccinations, unhealthy diet and lifestyle or other severe illness many more than 12 flushes may be necessary.  You will know you are done when you have no stones expelled during two consecutive flushes.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This protocol summary is the method that I personally follow when doing a gallbladder and liver flush and is adapted from the book 'The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush' by Andreas Moritz.  This post is in no way a substitution for reading the book as the book provides a complete and full understanding of why you should flush, how to do it, contraindications to flushing, symptoms and reactions as well as more detailed instructions and substitutions to ingredients that I use.  As stated above my recommendation is to read the book and to join the Facebook support group at https://m.facebook.com/groups/516214461895539?view=permalink&id=545254428991542   for any questions that you may still have and for the comfort of having the support of others doing this flush protocol as well.


This post is not to be taken as medical advice or to diagnose, treat or prescribe any treatment or protocol.  You are responsible for your own health journey, your own actions and your own education.

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Alright everyone! Ready or not the Holiday Season is officially upon us.

For the past 10 years InternaPure has been here providing you with real solutions to help you deal with holiday stress, unwanted pounds that can tend to gather around this time of year as well as detoxification and immune boosting to fight off those winter time colds and flu experiences.

This year we have ramped up our services so that you have more solutions, more options and more customized programs to choose from than ever before.

The trick to making it through the Holidays flying high and not being weighed down is to PLAN AHEAD!! Seriously. You know I am right! :)

Plan ahead. I know that this can be a busy time of year. But you have to invest in yourself first. Take care of you so that you cruise into the holidays feeling great and are able to come out the other side with no additional hard to lose pesky pounds or having to take the entire month of January to recover emotionally!

Don't wait until the pounds are on, the toxins have built up or the stress is over the top. Start thinking about you now.

Here are some of the ways that we can help this Holiday Season:

Holistic Body Sculpting through Far Infrared Detox Wraps or Mineral Wraps -

Our custom developed wraps combine the Far Infrared heat therapy to encourage the body tissues to relax and pores to open up to take in the vital minerals that will support detoxification, weight loss, and cellulite reduction while sweating out those nasty toxins and relieving the body of its aches and pains. The Mineral Wrap is perfect for supporting emotional balance, stress relief, and mental calming with the infusion of the custom mineral blend. The Detox Wrap is a powerful ally in the reduction of cellulite and encouraging the body to release the toxins that we take in through our foods and beverages we consume. Our Alkaline Wrap was created to provide immune boosting assistance as well as an increase in the alkalinity in the body, which is in short supply when the acid conditions due to stress and poor/rich food consumption take over and compromise the overall body health. During each session you will burn a minimum of 700 calories as well as experience the benefits of the support of our custom wrap blends.

Hydro-Magnetic Therapy -

Our newly launched Hydro-Magnetic therapy uses magnetic pulses to deliver a frequency protocol to the body during your chosen therapy session. The results our clients have been experiencing have been fabulous and we know that anyone who adds this option to their holiday schedule will be beyond happy that they did. You can choose from our Weight Loss & Fat Metabolism Program that will assist you in keeping those holiday pounds from stress and overindulging away or our Immune Booster Program which is a very powerful and robust session to help support your body as it is exposed to so many different 'bugs' that tend to run rampant during our holiday season filled with new places and faces. We have an amazing Energy Rescue Protocol which even before completion of the program you will begin to feel the effects immediately through lifted stress and increased physical and emotional energy. This is a great program to help with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that can leave us feeling drained in more than one way. You can also purchase a CUSTOM PROTOCOL package that includes a BioEnergetic body scan and (4) custom Hydro-Magnetic Therapy Sessions that are created especially for your specific body and any issues that you are processing or dealing with presently.

Colon Hydrotherapy -

Now you all know that there is no faster way to remove solid waste from the colon than through our colon hydrotherapy. Pristine clean water is used to flush, cleanse and hydrate the colon. This is your body's main eliminative pathway when it comes to the foods we consume so opening up this elimination route allows the body to release this solid waste quickly and in larger amounts than would happen on it's own. This is especially helpful during the holidays when we are less efficient at releasing wastes due to stress, compromised immune systems, emotional compounds and higher food consumption. We have additional support through our custom Colonic Infusion line. Try our Weight Loss & Detox Infusion to support the entire digestive track function as well as the balancing of leptin receptors which regulate fat metabolism. Our Digestive Balance Infusion helps with disturbed digestive systems due to too much or not taking in the right kinds of food or alcohol. The Advanced Stress Relief Infusion is an extremely powerful infusion which can help to shift stress levels in the body beginning immediately upon application and lasting up to several days after your cleanse.

Don't wait until you already have pounds hanging onto your body or high stress levels to come in and take care of yourself.

Remember to plan ahead. Look at your calendar now, schedule time to take care of yourself. Call the clinic and reserve your spot for a Holiday Cleanse!

See you all soon!


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Announcing! A 1-Day Workshop Thursday May 26th! 
EveryDay Energy: Self-Healing Masterclass
A Guide To Your Personal Energetic Healing Practice
Have you been wanting to learn how to do Energy Work but didn't know where to go or who to turn to in order to learn?  Are you trying to heal yourself but you are not quite sure how?  Have you been working on your health and well being and are ready to take yourself to the next level? 
If you answered YES! to any of the above, then keep reading.  :)
WhatEveryDay Energy:  Self-Healing Masterclass, a 1-Day Workshop
Why:  To Define and Learn How To Implement Your Personal Daily Energy Healing Practice
Where:  InternaPure Holistic Health Center
When:  Thursday May 26th, beginning at 9:00 am
Who:  Your Guide and Workshop Leader is Lori Goodwin
Price:  $210.00
Additional Option:  Integration Workshop Thursday June 2nd $89.00 (date subject to change, details below)
Our Workshop will teach you 5 Powerful Self-Healing Energy Modalities in order to help you establish your daily self-healing routine.  By practicing the unique techniques I will be sharing in this Workshop you will be well on your way to having the best Energetic health possible.  You will save money, time and unnecessary frustration and suffering by having the knowledge you need in order to heal yourself.  And most importantly you will walk away with the confidence and empowerment to KNOW that you do not have to rely solely on others for your energetic healing needs.
Introducing:  EveryDay Energy: Self-Healing Masterclass.  A Guide to your Personal Energetic Healing Practice
Each and every one of us are a wonderfully complex and powerful creation.   The Lord impressed upon me many years ago that to truly heal you must be able to work on all aspects of yourself at the same time.  This includes your Physical Body, your Emotional Body, your Mental Body, your Spiritual Body and your Energetic Body.  Not one part of you can be neglected if you want true balance, health and wellbeing - as is your BIRTHRIGHT! 
Holistic Healing focuses on ALL parts of you, not just one area or theme.  And if you want true healing you must work to bring all of these areas into alignment - It doesn't work if you only focus on one part of you. 
In our society we usually only focus on healing one aspect of ourselves at a time.  It's common to see people focusing on just the physical - ie. taking supplements, exercise, and nutrition.  People sometimes focus only on the spiritual while sorely neglecting or shunning all together the Physical, Energetic and Emotional aspects of our bodies.  Then there are those people only focus on the mind or emotions, going to professionals to help us untangle ourselves while neglecting the physical, spiritual and energetic.
This path of only focusing on healing one or two ways leaves us unbalanced and never able to attain our true level of vitality.  In order to do that you must address the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual AND the energetic.
InternaPure is here to offer a 1 Day Workshop that will put in place the Energetic piece of your health puzzle to allow true holistic healing and the ultimate wellbeing.
What We Will Be Covering;
Part 1.  Body and Energy Center Balancing.  In Part 1 of our Workshop we learn how to heal, balance and maintain the Energy Centers within the body.  We will also answer the questions: Why in the world would doing this be important?  Why should you do this daily (or multiple times daily)?  How do you actually go about doing this?  What information will doing this give you about your body, mind and emotions?  This practice will form the bottom line base foundation for your EveryDay Self-healing Energy practice, priming your body to be able to receive, release and reset as you proceed through Parts 2 through 5 of our Daily Self-Healing Protocol.
Part 2.  Organ and Body System Re-Connection.  In Part 2 of our Workshop we will be talking about one of the most fascinating energy practices for those who want to begin to know for themselves EXACTLY what the body is asking for and needing in order to be healthy, vibrant and balanced.  This Method of Energetic Healing does an amazing job of connecting you to the information that you need about yourself to feel confident about making any decision.  Often times those that practice this can learn to know things that are happening within the body before they even manifest with physical symptoms.  And those who are already dealing with illness or infirmities who begin practicing this Method begin to have a very deep and knowing connection with the healing path that will allow the body to bring itself back in balance.  Put in as part of an EveryDay Energy Discipline this is an extremely empowering practice.
Part 3.  Vibrational Flow Healing Method.  Part 3 presents the next step to be added to your life changing daily discipline of practicing self-healing.  As you learn about the Vibrational Flow Method we will discuss how to give your body what it needs in order to function at the high level that you were created to run at.  Vibrational Flow Healing Method puts gas in the gas tanks of the energy body, metaphorically speaking.  This practice is extremely powerful while serving to relax and reset the body.  This practice alone can help the body to release traumas, emotions and thought forms that have settled into the body and can cause all manner of illnesses, limited beliefs, and the inability to move forward in life.
Part 4.  Energetic Cleansing.  Part 4 of our Workshop covers exactly how to clear pain and blocks in the body, mind and emotions.  Once you have gone through Parts 1 - 3 we finally get down to the meat of the matter - How do I fix/heal/help myself?  Part 4 gives you a powerful tool that will allow you to work with any pain or suffering point in the body.  Just implementing this step alone daily will assure that you will never be the same again…. Add them all together and so far you have a Powerhouse Personal Energy Practice!
Part 5.  Energy Field Clearing & Massage.  Part 5 is the conclusion of your daily energy practice - the icing on the cake, if you will.  After finishing your healing time you will perform this energy healing modality in order to make sure that what you are clearing and releasing during your daily healing sessions fully release from the body.  This practice prepares you for going forward strongly throughout your day.  This Method is also a great way to reset while in the midst of your daily activities if you are finding your thoughts racing or have been in the presence of a person or a situation that has triggered some negative or lower vibrational emotions.
What to Expect:
I am opening this Workshop up only to an extremely small group, so it will be an intimate setting with each person getting my personal attention. 
The day will be fast paced and A LOT of information will be covered.  Worksheets outlining each Part of our Workshop will be given to each Participant.  You will be able to take these Worksheets home and use them to remind you of each practice that you learned.
Come dressed in comfortable casual clothes. 
Water will be provided.
Fruit snacks will be provided throughout the day.
We will be breaking for lunch, during which time everyone is on their own to go and get something to eat or bring something with them for their lunch. 
We expect the Workshop to be over around 5:00 pm.  However, this is subject to fluctuation depending on the number of questions and demonstrations that we choose to participate in as a group.
Sometimes when we study or attend a class such as the EveryDay Energy MasterClass, there can be a disconnect between what we learn during our attendance and the implementation of that practice into our daily lives.  My goal is to change your life by empowering you with the information learned in the EveryDay Energy MasterClass.  In order for me to be sure that I accomplish my goal I am offering you a chance to attend the Workshop, go home and implement what you have learned, and then return for anIntegration Classin order to make sure that you are able to understand and use what you learn.
 The Integration Class is a half day class, and is tentatively scheduled for Thursday June 2nd.  It is completely optional and is not a requirement for those who attend the Workshop. 
The Integration Class holds a completely different structure than our main Workshop.  We will come together as a small group in a very close setting and we will go over all of the personal experiences of the practices we have learned.  It will be a hands on time that I will be personally helping each and every person in attendance to get more clarity around their practice and what is working for them and interpret properly any thoughts, sensations or impressions that they are experiencing.  I will be answering questions 1 on 1 as well as helping each person "tweak" their own personal energy practice in order for you to experience lifelong results from this course.
The Integration Class can help you to solidify and fine-tune your own Self-Healing journey and serve as a massive leap forward in your experience with personal energy work.
If you choose to do the Integration Class you may sign up during your registration for the EveryDay Energy MasterClass.  Spaces are extremely limited and your spot is NOT guaranteed just because you attended the Workshop. 
Additional Information:
1.  This class will only be offered in small group format, within our facility a limited number of times.  After the live classes have ceased the EveryDay Energy MasterClass will be offered online through pre-recorded audio, videos and worksheets through the InternaPure Healing Arts Academy.  Live courses are always so powerful, so there will be a huge difference between the experience of a live Workshop and an online course.  During the Workshops you will have access to the questions and comments of others as well as to the personal energy work, feedback and instruction of myself.
 2.  All Participants in this Live Workshop will have access to any and all materials that may be published at a later date through the Academy.
3.  This Level 1 EveryDay Energy MasterClass is a requirement for those who are wanting to learn how to use Energy Work to heal others by taking the next Course offered in this Energetic Healing Series through the InternaPure Academy.  The Level 2 Workshop will teach you how to create massive shifts and powerful healing during your sessions with your own clients.  After completing Level 2 Workshop (dates will be announced soon), you will be able to use your skills to heal yourself as well as others.  The Level 2 Workshop will be followed by an Advanced Energy Masterclass whereby we will be learning only and advanced proprietary blend of energy healing methods that will set you apart from the healers around you as well as empower you to be able to make a profound difference in the world around you.  But all of this starts with your own basic personal daily energy practice, you cannot do for others (should you desire to help others) if you aren't doing the work yourself.  Your daily practice will certainly change and evolve for you over time but the EveryDay Energy MaserClass puts you above the rest as you lay your foundations.
4.  No previous experience with Energy Work is necessary in order to attend this Workshop. While we are not teaching the basic theory of energy and how it works and moves through the body during our live event, anyone who has a desire to learn new and powerful methods to heal themselves as well as to help others will highly benefit from attending.  Attendees will benefit from coming in with an open mind and an open heart to receive and learn who they are and the fact that you are your own best healer.
5.  Class size is very limited and is on a first come first served basis.  Call InternaPure at 770-971-9512 to reserve your spot for this amazing experience today!
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Grow Wild and Free!

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Do you find yourself stuck in a seemingly never ending cycle of lose weight…gain weight…lose weight…gain weight? 

The Weight Loss Merry-go-Round can be so emotionally and mentally draining as it is always steeped in self-sabotage behavior and upper-ceiling limits that just won't seem to allow you to succeed and hold on to permanent change and results no matter what you do.

What is "Weight" or Fat, anyway?  Aside from unused food being stored in the body, it is something that your body creates to protect you from something toxic.  This doesn't just mean toxic food - it's toxic thoughts, toxic emotions, toxic energetics.

Your body is the physical manifestation of the choices you make and what you allow in.  That is why many people gain weight when they get stressed, get run down, feel guilty or depressed.

Today I am announcing the Release of my WeightLoss SmackDown Intensive.  

I created this course specifically to help people address the issue of Weight Loss from a truly Holistic perspective in order to be able to move past the patterns and templates that we run in our lives that keep so much of our mental and emotional focus centered around our body and our weight.  

The WeightLoss SmackDown Instensive was launched officially earlier this year and I have since taken several groups privately through this Series with amazing and life changing results for all who have taken the Course and applied the Modalities and Techniques that I am introducing.  It is with great excitement that I am now releasing this Online Workshop to the Public!

In Our WeightLoss SmackDown you will learn methods to battle memories that are being held within the body & mind affecting our weight and emotions around food, learn about vibrational rates of foods & emotions relating to how they affect our physical body, utilize EFT to release emotional triggers & addictions and learn the Holistic Modality of Kinesiology to discern if a food or supplement is harmonious to your body, plus more.

During this Course I am going to introduce you to some powerful tools that I have been using with my private clients for the past 7 years to help them address and put a permanent end to the weight loss roller coaster. 

But let me warn you now, this 6-Week Course in Holistic Weightloss Workshop is INTENSE.  This is not your run-of-the-mill "pansy powder puff" list of rules of what to eat and what not to eat and how and when to exercise.  Most of us already KNOW that we should be eating clean and exercising.  

No....this workshop will take you Deep.  Deep into your Self-Sabotage and Upper Ceiling Limits that keep you from losing weight and keeping it off.  We dive into the mental triggers that cause you to have binges and all of the conversations that you have with yourself to justify eating crap and not taking care of yourself for another day. 

It's you and me for 6 whole weeks and you need to buckle up because I intend to give you the tools that get you results for a lifetime! 

Should you choose to take a stand and create change in your life in the here and now, below is a breakdown on your 6-Week Itinerary of Awesomeness!


SmackDown Welcome & Introduction Video

Module 1:  Clean Eating

Clean Eating Video Part 1

Clean Eating Video Part 2

Breaking The Chains Energetic Healing Track

Weight Loss Motivation:  Living Your Soul Purpose

Clean Eating Inspiration - Clean Recipes


Module 2:  Tapping The Triggers

Learning EFT/Tapping Video 1

Tapping Demonstration Video 2

Script 1:  Intense Cravings

Script 1 Video Demonstration

Script 2:  Intense Emotions

Script 3:  Stress & Overwhelm

Script 4:  Making Changes Stick

Script 5:  Dealing With Other People


Module 3:  Emotional Body Overhaul

Energetic Reconciliation Method Video 1

Energetic Reconciliation Method Video 2

Exercise In Emotional Eating Video

The 'I Love You' Challenge

Beat the Stress - Stress Assessment


Module 4:  The Energetic Body

Energy & Vibration Video Workshop

Releasing Resentment Exercise

Healing Script:  Loving Yourself

Emotional Energetics Video Workshop


Module 5:  Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

Introduction to Muscle Testing Video 1

Introduction to Muscle Testing Video 2

Goal Setting Challenge

Muscle Testing Challenge

Healing Script:  Reflection In The Mirror


Module 6:  Spiritual Nutrition

Spiritual Nutrition Video Workshop

Affirmation Re-Framing Script 1

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Food For Thought Video Workshop

To Join The WeightLoss SmackDown today Click the Link HERE: https://lorigoodwin.simplero.com/purchase/31851-WeightLoss-SmackDown-Intensive


If you are wanting more information about the workshop you can click the link HERE: http://www.lori.academy/page/33306

As always, if you have questions you can always email or give me a call at the clinic and I would be happy to help you!

Love, Lori

InternaPure Holistic Health Center
(770) 971-9512

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Sauna Serenity

Sauna Serenity. Morning meditation, journaling and focusing on asking myself tough questions and then listening to the answers that God has put into my very soul about who I am and the path I am walking out in this life. I pray and meditate every day as a #dailydiscipline , but some days I like to take in the bigger picture. What am I really doing with my life? What am I really chasing? What #legacy am I leaving? What #limitingbeliefs are holding me back from my dreams? Are the goals and dreams that I am building and chasing true desires of my heart, or just me trying to get away from something I am experiencing that I don't want? How am I serving my fellow brothers and sisters? How am I serving my family? Am I honoring my own heart? How does what I am doing today, and every day, pour into making my goals and #dreams come alive? In my overall life path, do the things that I spend my days doing really matter or am I being "distracted" from walking out my life's purpose? What do I really want to create in this life and why? Every week (and sometimes every day) my journaling has some variation of these heart, mind and spirit searching questions. If you don't keep checking in with God and yourself how will you know if you are off the path? You won't. You will keep rolling along and won't be able to discern that you are building something you ultimately don't want or aren't called to do. You won't know that the vibration that you are running is one of reaction, or self protection, rather than your true God given home frequency. And you get all kinds of experiences that you don't like and want no part of when you are living a life out of alignment. And how do you know if you are out of alignment? By doing the inner work. Consistently. Asking the tough questions and then asking them again and again. Sometimes the answers are the same as before. But sometimes you shift, grow and expand or you may choose to respond to circumstances in a way that causes contraction and a slowed or stagnant life flow and when either of those happens your answers to what you are really building, creating and doing with your life can change. #takeaction #createalifeyoulove #discernment

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We are combining our most popular detox services and our life changing WeightLoss Smackdown Program in order to bring you incredible savings on a powerhouse combination for creating the body, health and life you desire.

So many of our clients are kicking their focus back onto their bodies, minds and overall health and we are here to help. Our new WeightLoss & Detox Combo Special includes:
(3) 45-Minute Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions
(3) Body Sculpting Mineral Wraps
6-Week Holistic WeightLoss Workshop - Our Signature WeightLoss SmackDown Intensive
These Services & Online Course offerings are valued at over $580.00 but we have put together special pricing for you right now for $360.00 for the entire package. That is a savings of over $220.00!

You all know that the Colon Hydrotherapy is awesome. The Body Sculpting Wraps are quickly becoming one of the most popular services here because of the FAST results and fabulous body healing and detox benefits. And what can I say about the WeightLoss SmackDown Intensive besides the people who have gone through the course so far have all experienced a large shift in their habits, mental connections and empowerment in regards to the tools that they have now to beat back the weight loss Merry-go-Round and the addictions and cravings that seem to keep us self sabotaging and repeating defeating behavior.

Put all of those together and you have got one heck of a beautiful bouquet of life changing awesomeness! Which, as my clients, I know that you expect nothing less from us. Right?! :)

So, how do you get in on this package? Well, we have 2 options for you:
1. Schedule your first Colonic or Wrap in the clinic and when you check out after your session ask for the Detox & Weight Loss Package and we will hook you up!
2. Click this link:
Fill in the check out form and in the Coupon Code section enter: DETOXME
Then pay for your purchase. You will immediately be given access to the WeightLoss SmackDown Intensive. You can then call our clinic to schedule up your first Wrap and Colonic session!

You are going to love the results!

You can check out more information about the WeightLoss SmackDown Intensive Here:

You can find out more about the new Body Sculpting Mineral Wraps Here:

(Package expires after 6 months, sessions cannot be transferred, WeightLoss SmackDown is an online 6 Week Course to which you will be provided a personal log in and will have 1 year to complete the Workshop)

How is your summer going? Let us know how we can better serve you! We have lots of new products and support systems rolling out over the next few weeks and we love to hear from our clients.

Love you all!!
Lori Goodwin
InternaPure Holistic Health Center

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As you know, we launched our new Body Sculpting Wraps a few weeks ago and the response has been breathtaking.

I started praying about adding this Modality to my Services Menu about a year ago after several clients came in sharing about some not so positive results and side effects they had experienced while getting Wraps at various locations around the State. I felt that not only could I offer a safe, truly natural alternative to some of the Wrap formulas that are out there but that I could create a Formula that was a true catalyst for permanent change in the body as well as being healthy and giving the Body Sculpting RESULTS people were looking for.

And I gotta tell you, I do some pretty amazing things but I have even impressed myself with this one! :)

We have created a different kind of Wrap experience in it's entirety. Here's how:

~ Not only are my wrap solutions 100% natural, the fact is that you could actually eat them due to the fact that I use extremely HIGH QUALITY, custom made, food grade ingredients (though the solution may not taste all that yummy :) ).

~ It takes approximately 26 seconds for anything that you put on the skin to be absorbed, so with that being said you essentially are "eating" anything that you apply to the skin. My Wraps are 100% safe, and even healthy, for people who may already have toxicity issues. My Signature Sculpting Solution will never raise the body burden nor become one more thing that the body must process. Instead I am introducing Mega Energy Boosting Macro-Minerals into the body that your body is absolutely CRAVING and can process and use immediately to build, balance, repair and heal itself.

~ Magnesium supplementation is actually crucial for everyone today, however, magnesium is poorly absorbed orally. But when applied to the skin, it has the benefits of going through the ideal delivery system (transdermally) with benefits unequaled in the entire world of Minerals and Supplementation. These benefits promote recovery from activity or injury enhancement, reducing pain and inflammation, propagating regeneration of tissues, increasing strength and endurance, muscle relaxation, depression and low emotion alleviation, and hormone ministry.

~ Mix all of those benefits together with the results that you get from our Far Infrared Sauna, Oxygen Therapy and Ion Therapy, Aromatherapy to assist the body in releasing toxins as well as the Vibrational Encoding on the Energetic Healing Track that heals the Human Body Field while it plays and BAM! I freaking guarantee you that you will not come out of my sauna after doing one of my Wraps and be the same as you went in!

~ But perhaps the part that I am happiest about is that I have created a Wrap that can be done in complete privacy. With a short 2 minute instruction you can apply the Wraps yourself, as modesty is of utmost importance here, and then hop into the Far Infrared Lux Sauna. You can have a high-end Body Sculpting experience without anyone ever looking at your body. Of course, you can always opt to have one of our Technicians to assist you with your wraps and we will be happy to totally hook you up!

~ With our Infrared Mineral Sculpting Wraps you can burn up to 700 calories (the equivalent to riding a bike or running for 30 minutes), have younger looking and feeling skin, feel slimmer, tighten and tone your back, booty and thighs and loose between 4 and 12 inches in just one session!

We are already booking out about a week in advance for certain time slots so make sure that you call and schedule your appointment today.

Wraps are only $65.00 each. We also offer Packages with pricing discounts for those who are wanting to do a series of Wraps as well as Specials that combine other Detox Services and Coures with the Body Sculpting Wraps.

You can read more about the wraps, ingredients and the application process on our website http://www.internapure.com/body-wraps

I am so excited for you to come and check it out!

Love you all!!
Lori Goodwin

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Summer Colon Hydrotherapy Special!

We are launching a ton of new and exciting Services and Courses here in the up coming weeks and months.  

We have already rolled out the Body Sculpting Mineral Wraps and New Holistic Massage Therapy to our Private Clinic Clients, and are now releasing the announcement of those new services publicly.  

And in order to continue sharing the love we are also going to offer special pricing on our Colon Hydrotherapy sessions until the end of September.  

45 Minute Colon Hydrotherapy $52.00

60 Minute Colon Hydrotherapy $64.00

This Summer Special applies to new and existing clients.  The sessions must be purchased and used by the end of September or they will expire.


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It can be hard to navigate our way through all of the social, educational and professional activities in our lives when we have food intolerances ourselves.  It is a whole different ball game when we are talking about our children having food allergies or food intolerances.

It can seem that at every turn there are cookies at school and sports functions, parties, get togethers, meals on the run and temptations and cross contamination at every turn.

If that were not daunting enough we as parents also have to deal with our own emotions that we sometimes unconsciously project upon our children.  We assume that our kids are going to experience their lives and come to the same conclusions in situations that we did.  In reality, two people can experience the same situation and come out with very different perspectives and lessons.

For a child that has food allergies it can be a landmine to navigate the young years.  Many times intolerances and allergies from the foods that they are taking in affect not only their bodies but also their minds and emotions.  When we give in and give them a "treat" what we don't realize is that they are the ones that will be paying the price for days or sometimes weeks to come.  We, as parents, don't always put 2 and 2 together when the next week our kids are having emotional meltdowns or are demanding or not feeling well.  We can get frustrated and be short of patience and don't make the connection to that split second decision the week or day before when we decided to "reward" our child and give in to a "treat".  Now our precious baby is getting in trouble or is experiencing our lowered tolerance for unbecoming behavior and they are not in control of themselves.

It can literally be like walking through life in a fog when our brains are allergic to the foods we eat.  We can interpret life differently and respond totally different to a multitude of situations when we are reacting than we would if we were not. 

When your child is reacting they are basically powerless.  They cannot often times verbalize or even realize that the way they are feeling is not normal. 

I know it is hard but I would encourage all parents to stop and think twice before giving in to that "treat" next time and to realize that you are not doing your children any favors by doing it.  You are leaving their bodies and minds to experience the fallout for days inside their own internal world.  It is good practice when you have strong emotions in any situation about your child not being able to eat the same as others to stop and ask yourself are you projecting your beliefs or emotions onto your child?  Are you acting on what you would feel in that situation?  Sometimes just the acknowledgement of an unconscious thought stream in the mind can be enough to think through a situation differently. 

Also, when there are food allergies and intolerances present that means that there is a whole and different CAUSE of the problem.  Allergies are only a SYMPTOM.  When you keep introducing the item that is causing the body pain or illness you are just prolonging the time it takes the body to heal itself. 

You CAN heal from food allergies and intolerances but it does require removing the offender. 

Be kind to yourself and remember that you want to empower your children to be the best that they can be.  We are amazing parents and all doing the best that we can with what we have at the time.

I hope that my video and post was a blessing to you in some way.  Have a wonderful day and remember to keep that smile on your face!

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