NES Bioenergetic Scan

Alternative WellNES System Using BioEnergetic & Information Therapy

A word from Lori Goodwin, our NES Practitioner:  

The NES ProVision and the NES MiHealth are, in my opinion, the best of the best in terms of what is available today in the Alternative Medicine and Wellness Field.  

I have been a NES Bio-Energetic Medicine Practitioner for over 7 years and actually was a NES ProVision client for over 2 years before I decided to bring it in as a core Therapy in my own practice.  NES Scans and the NES Infoceuticals are a part of my family's daily wellness practice.  Both of my children started taking the NES Infoceuticals around the age of 5 and are still taking them occasionally for maintenance or when we are addressing any health issues.

I believe in NES.  I believe that it is the cutting edge and leads the way by far as a comprehensive, far reaching, results driven modality.

I feel so proud and confident to put my name and my reputation around this therapy and I am happy to have this modality as a core point that I use for any client seeking Holistic Care in our Facility.

Below is some information about how the NES Therapy works as well as what you can expect during a session.

There are 2 options for NES ProVision Scans.  We do sessions In-Clinic where you can meet with the Practitioner and assess your scan results together or you can come into the clinic for a Quick Scan and just pick up your new Infoceutical Protocol and have your scan results emailed to you with no consult.  You also have the option to have your scan performed through Remote scanning, through the purchase of a remote scanner, either without a consult or with a video recorded assessment of your scan results.  

Many clients mix and match based on their needs at the time of scanning.

Before I take on any new NES Client I ask each client to make at least a 6 month committment to the Therapy. This is not a magic-pill drive-thru therapy.  And while many do indeed get instant results, it takes time for the body to make, assimilate and HOLD those changes.  And that is what we want, we want total transformation that is lasting and real.  My reputation rides on your results and I am dedicated to seeing you reach your goals.

Contact our clinic to schedule your appointment or to order your remote scanner today!

Blessings to you!!  Love, Lori

How The NES ProVision Works

By placing your hand on the scanner you are beginning your session with a scanned assessment of your Human Body-Field.  This scan takes less than 20 seconds to complete.

NES ProVision Identifies Blockages, Disharmony and Distortions within the flow of energy and information throughout the Body-Field
NES ProVision instantly returns a recommended protocol of Infoceuticals to stimulate the body's innate self-healing ability.
NES Infoceuticals are then purchased and taken home by you to be consumed each day 

Meet NES Health: NES Health Explained

What Should I Expect At My First Consultation?

Your first consultation with us will last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  This will allow us time to work with you individually to develop a custom tailored program depending upon the aspects o f healing that you would like to address.

We will consider your holistic well-being including:

  • Informational assessment and correction:  This explores your body's master control system and highlights distortions.
  • Energetic analysis:  Identifying energy blockages in the body's systems.
  • Emotional and mental analysis:  Identifying conflicts and working on resolution.

Your Healing Journey

Once your tailored program has been created, over the comin gmonths the practitioner will support you as together you tackle your issues one by one.  We have at our disposal a range of powerful tools to help:

  • Remove pain and energy blockages int he body using the NES MiHealth. 
  • Correct the body's Master Control System using Infoceuticals
  • Improve nutritional support through dietary coaching combined with functional supplementation in the form of NEStrition or other recommended supplements.
  • Rebuild your body at a pace you are comfortable with through the recommendation and implementation of Holistic Modalities that work in beautiful harmony with the NES Wellness System.

NES Health: The 21st Century System of Healthcare

The NES Health Total WellNES System

Handheld Pain Relieving Device - MiHealth As Seen on The Doctors


Initial BioEnergetic Wellness Scan - First Visit - $100.00 (Be sure that allow approximately 1 1/2 hours for your first visit)

NES Re-Scans with Practitioner Consult - $75.00 per scan

In-Office "Quick Scan"  -  $25.00 (includes no consult, only your Infoceutical Protocol & scan results are emailed)

Remote Scan with No Consult - $25.00 (scan results are emailed along with Infoceuticals purchased, no consult is given)

Remote Scan with Consult - $75 (video recording of Practitioner reviewing your scan results, progress points and health goal achievement)

Infoceuticals Are Purchased Separately - $25.00 each + tax

NES Infoceuticals are energetic remedies that have been 'encoded' or 'imprinted' with bio-information to directly correct distortions in your body-field. 

Correction of these distortions can support and encourage a more balanced and healthier life experience.

At your NES appointment you will be given Infoceutical recommendations that can best help to correct issues with your body-field and support your overall well-being.