InternaPure Clinic Policies


Your privacy is so important to us.  We treat you and your information just like we would want ours to be treated.  We will never share anything about you with any other individual or company - ever.  We will never spam email you and will never call and leave detailed voice mail messages for you.  We understand that your wellness care is a very personal thing and treat it as such.  The way we see it, your wellness journey is your story to tell, not ours!

We also realize that many of the services in our clinic can leave a client feeling vulnerable if not handled with the utmost of sensitivity. We go to great lengths in our planning to ensure your privacy and comfort in all of our services.  If you can think of anything that we have not provided or if you ever need anything during a treatment, just let us know!  We are here to serve you.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of the products that we sell we do not offer a return policy.  Many of our products are vibrationally sensitive and once they leave our facility and are not in our control we would not be able to resell those items.  In our 5 years in business, this has only come up one time but I felt that we needed to list this here anyway. :)

Package Purchases

Bundled services purchased at a discount are a very popular here at InternaPure and are a great way to save money.  We strive to keep our packages relevant to our clients shifting needs and simple in their execution.  

  • Simply put, a package of a certain number of services is purchased and after the initial payment is received you are able to redeem those package services at any time.  
  • Unless otherwise stated, none of our packages have expiration dates.  (Our Specials that we run, however, usually DO have expiration dates so watch out for those).  
  • Missed Appointments.... Boy, this is a tough one!  Unfortunately we have to draw the line at some point for the good of all of our clients and so therefore if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment you will forfeit that package service.  We usually try to give our clients grace with this as we understand that things do come up in life.  However, when we hold your spot we are oftentimes turning down other clients that call and would like to schedule their sessions for that same time.  Please have respect for yourself, for us and our other clients by showing up for your scheduled appointments ~ we don’t want to have to use up your sessions without you getting the blessing of it!

Late Arrivals

We go out of our way to accommodate our clients and business partners.  We run a tight schedule here at InternaPure while striving to ensure that delicate balance of giving everyone the extra time that they may need to address any health concerns and being able to minister to as many people as are called to walk through our doors.  With that said, we can only provide about a 15 minute buffer for you if you arrive late.  We would never want to keep you waiting for your scheduled appointment and feel it is not fair to those who are on time for their appointments after you to have to wait.  Soooo....if you are more than 15 minutes late then you begin eating into your session time.  If you are more than 25 minutes late we will not be able to honor your original appointment time.  We are very willing to try to work with you to reschedule but please understand that if our schedule is tight it is not always possible to get in for your session that same hour or sometimes even that same day.

Children and Guests

We definitely apologize for the inconvenience but our policies prohibit you bringing your children into the clinic with you while you are receiving a colon hydrotherapy or other detoxification service.  We cannot be responsible for your child while you are in one of our therapy rooms and we do not allow children to go into the rooms with their parents.  We know that it can be challenging at times to try and find a time to come in when you have pre-arranged childcare so we do offer evening and weekend appointments to try to make it easier for parents to take care of their own health.  If you need a specialized time for an appointment that is outside of our normal business hours, give us a call and we’ll do our best to work with you.