Why Choose Us

Why Should You Choose InternaPure As Your Wellness Partner?

InternaPure is a unique, multi-faceted Healing Center and we strive to make it amazing but if I could only choose one reason why someone should seek out InternaPure for their wellness needs, it would be because ~ it’s personal.  InternaPure IS personal.  

It’s personal to our family because of our past health journey ~ healing a child with autism, healing chronic allergies, debilitating depression, autoimmune issues and more. It’s personal to us from the aspect that this is a ministry that our family provides to others.  It’s personal to us because the services we offer are the very same services that our family and friends use.  It’s personal to us in that the products we sell in our center are the products we use in our family.  It’s personal to us because we want others to have the quality of life that we have been blessed with through this lifestyle.

But since I am able to give more than one reason :), here are a few more thoughts about what makes us unique gathered from the perspective of our own ministry goals and the comments given to us from our clients.

As we already stated, We are a family run facility. That means that the people that you come into contact with in our clinic are the owners and the practitioners and they all have a personal stake in your overall experience in our facility and your continued forward movement in your own health journey.  This can make quite a difference if you are looking for that personal care and connection out of a healing facility.

InternaPure was established in 2007 We have a long term relationship with our community and with our clients.  Our practice is going strong and we intend to continue on as a lighthouse of stability and healing in uncertain times.

InternaPure is not JUST a colon hydrotherapy clinic.  While we do offer an exceptional colon hydrotherapy experience, we are so much more than that. We offer a connective and yet very diverse set of products and services centering around physical detoxification, energetic healing and personal development.  It is so important to us to be able to minister to our clients on every level - physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually.  We work very hard to make sure that what we offer is harmonious to everyone that enter our doors based on their own personal goals and where they are on their healing journey.

You are unique and we treat you as such.  We are not a cookie-cutter type of detox facility.  That is one of the reasons why you will never hear us handing out “one-size-fits-all” types of advice, or “requiring” a certain number visits or types of sessions. Your body will not respond like someone else’s might to certain treatment.  Our clinic Practitioner personally reviews the sessions of each of our clients in order to optimize your every experience with us.

We employ rigid sanitation and sterilization practices.  Some of the services that we offer require the utmost care in cleanliness and attention to hygeinic supplies.  We guarantee that you will never come into InternaPure and find the state of any of our detoxification rooms to be anything short of spotless.  Cleanliness is next to godliness, after all! :)

We take the time to connect with our clients.  As we stated before, we make it our mission to connect personally with each person that is brought through our doors.  We have clients ranging in age from 3 years old to 80 years old and we absolutely delight in each one.  By getting to know you better and listening to the life goals that you have we are better able to serve you by offering advice, opinions and direction regarding holistic health care methods that may be harmonious to you and your journey.

We only carry top of the line equipment and filtration systems in our facility.  We use the Colenz brand of colon hydrotherapy beds here at InternaPure.  We have had experience with several brands, including the Libbe bed and find that our clients like the comfort and cleanse that they experience on the Colenz bed the best. Consequently we have chosen to exclusively feature this type of open colonic system.  We also go several times over and above the industry standard of one charcoal filter for each colon hydrotherapy bed.  Our filtration system runs through 3 filters of differing particle filter sizes and under a UV light before any water ever touches your body.  We want to be absolutely sure that everything that we introduce to you is of the  best quality and is nothing short of the purity that we would want for ourselves.

We offer competitive pricing and you get MORE value for your money with us. While we are not a “coupon” facility, we run regular specials for our current clients and we will price match any valid advertised price.  We would never want money to stop you from experiencing our superior facility for your holistic health needs.  You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain! Come in and see us today.

Bottom Line:  Everyone that comes here, stays here You will love the experience at this facility.  We operate as a ministry and believe that everyone that comes here is actually called to be here, that includes YOU!  We are passionate about helping you reach your health and wellness goals, and it shows.  We offer a safe, relaxing and completely discreet experience and our clients aren’t usually willing to give that up.

Healing Modality Types: Your Physical Detox Needs

Your body is a wonderfully made and very complex living organism.  We are constantly in awe of it’s ability to heal and rejuvenate given the chance to do so.  

We employ a combination of detoxification services in our facility that work together as the perfect compliment.  Along with harmonious nutrition, our detoxification programs can assist the body to almost miraculously heal from any dis-ease of the body and mind.  If your body is already currently in a state of wellness or harmony detoxification can not only help you maintain your current state but can also further propel you into your best health yet.

We are honored that so many choose to let us stand as partners in their health journey.




Your Energy Body: For Energetic Health

Scientists are truly only scratching the surface of the benefits and abilities of Bioenergetic Medicine.  They are just beginning to really research this field and the findings  are just astounding.  It has been said that BioEnergetic Medicine is the next medical frontier.  Here at InternaPure we use the Nutri-Energetics (NES) Bio-Energetic scanner.  We believe that this is the best interface on the market now and the results that we have personally had along with seeing clients improvements daily proves our decision to partner with NES to bring you this wonderful healing modality a win-win for everyone.

It can be really hard to navigate the world of energetic healers.  It is really difficult to know what you are getting, and you need to be careful about who you let touch and minister to your energetic body.  This is a very personal thing and you need to be sure that you are compatible and harmonious with who you are working with.  Lori is a very gifted healer.  She goes beyond the normal psychic gifts that are commonly talked about and is able to see and heal the energy body and to also bring this through to the physical.  This is an anointing from the Lord and not something that is easily classified or even explained with our limited “English” words.  We see miracles here every day.