Allegany Nutrition

Practitioner Strength

Improve digestion of foods, increase your elimination, of toxins through enzymatic reaction which help to cleanse the blood and help to balance the gut and digestive system flora with these 100% vegetarian based products.
Gluten free


The HP series is a great broad based, multi-range enzyme designed to assist the body in braking down all food types.

HP270V 270 Capsules $65
HP90V 90 Capsules $28

The AL series is an ultra-high activity, full spectrum enzyme designed for people who deal with chronic illness, sensitive digestive systems, celiac disease, IBS, etc.

AL270V 270 Capsules $69.95
AL90V 90 Capsules $29.95

The Allegany ProbioticsĀ is a full spectrum formulation with 14 essential probiotic strains along with 6 different enzymes, trace minerals and Inulin (FOS).

Delayed Release 60 Capsules $29.95

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